Do You Know About the 6 Layers of Intimacy?
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What is intimacy? One definition of intimacy is an act or familiar expression serving as a token of congeniality, affection, and love. Another is a close or detailed knowledge of a person.

One of the foundational principles of building and repairing a relationship is to understand the foundations of intimacy. It is not about technique, positions, or power but about getting to know someone deeply.

Marital intimacy is about seeing into your mate's heart, soul, and mind and learning to connect with them on multiple levels.

Listen to the word intimacy slowly spoken. Intimacy. “Into-me-see.” Since true intimacy is learning to experience, you must learn to lean into your partner.

To experience this kind of intense relationship, you need to understand both sides of an intimate connection and grow to a new level of purpose and passion. These different levels of connection reflect the differences between a short-term view of relationship, where romance is the primary goal, and a long-term view of marriage, where learning to connect through the realities of daily life joins alongside romance to build intensity, regardless of the circumstances. You need both sides to make your relationship go the distance from short-term infatuation to creating long-term success in your marriage.

When we miss that long-term view, when we limit intimacy to the purely physical, we lose some of its critical components.     

Breakthrough research shows there are at least six different areas of intimacy.
1.  Emotional Intimacy
2.  Intellectual Intimacy
3.  Recreational Intimacy
4.  Social Intimacy
5.  Spiritual Intimacy
6.  Physical Intimacy

Take a moment and grade yourself in each area, then ask your partner to do the same.

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