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Majungasaurus - Episode 124
Apr 12, 2017 · 59 min
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Interview with Ariel Marcy, a biologist, PhD student, tutor, and creator of the educational game "Go Extinct!" through her startup STEAM Galaxy. Get "Go Extinct!" at steamgalaxy.com and follow Ariel's progress on her new games at aemarcy.com

In the news: New tyrannosaur from Montana named Daspletosaurus horneri published with a description of crocodile-like sensitive lips, new crested theropod from China, a juvenile titanosaur from Brazil, CT scans of Murusraptor braincase,California is closer to getting a state dinosaur, Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family makes it to North America, Hearthstone dinosaur expansion, a new dinosaur documentary, and more

Also, dinosaur of the day Majungasaurus, a large Abelisaurid that lived in the Cretaceous in what is now Madagascar.

Check out http://iknowdino.com/majungasaurus-episode-124/ for links to every news story, a full transcript of our interview, all the details we shared about Majungasaurus, and our fun fact.

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