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Lourinhanosaurus - Episode 122
Mar 29, 2017 · 1 hr 23 min
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Interview with Dr. Thomas Hegna, Assistant Professor at Western Illinois University, who specializes in invertebrates, specifically arthropods; and Robert Johnson, Curator of the Geology Museum at WIU, and the artist who makes awesome dinosaur 3D prints look just like authentic fossils.

In the news: A new hypothesis reclassifies dinosaurs into Ornithoscelida & Saurischia, Hypsilophodons flocking in a low floodplain were buried alive over and over again, Dino eggs in Southwest Alberta, Jurassica gets a new grant, Hololens gets CGI Tyrannosaurs, dinosaur mini golf, new dino footprints, robotic dinosaur desk attendants, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth out on bluray, and much more

Also, dinosaur of the day Lourinhanosaurus, the first known theropod to have gastroliths, and they probably aren't from eating an herbivorous dinosaur 

Check out http://iknowdino.com/lourinhanosaurus-episode-122 for links to every news story, a full transcript of our interview, all the details we shared about Lourinhanosaurus, and our fun fact.

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