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A hummingbird-sized dinosaur
Apr 9, 2020 · 45 min
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Dinosaur of the day Sauropelta, a rhinoceros sized armored dinosaur.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A piece of amber from Myanmar appears to contain a hummingbird-sized dinosaur (or maybe it's a lepidosaur—specifically, it might be a gecko ancestor instead of a dinosaur)
  • A new tracksite on the isle of Skye includes some of the oldest stegosaur tracks
  • The Natural History Museum of Denmark has delayed their unveiling of the T. rex Tristan Otto
  • Many neighborhoods are putting dinosaurs in their windows so kids can go on scavenger hunts
  • Tinkercad is running a create a dinosaur tinker together challenge
  • Google Chrome’s T. rex run game has been turned into an exercise tool
  • Liverpool One has relaunched their Dinosaurs Unleashed augmented reality app, so you can use the app at home

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