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Montanoceratops - Episode 207
Nov 14, 2018 · 1 hr 20 min
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Dinosaur of the day Montanoceratops, a primitive ceratopsian with an unusually deep tail thanks to its vertebral spines.

Interview with Ashley & Lee Hall, both from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Ashley is the Adult Programs Coordinator and Lee is a Preparator and Lab Manager. But more importantly, like us, their wedding heavily featured dinosaurs.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • T. rex could turn more quickly than similar dinosaurs
  • New histology on the tyrannosaurs Jane & Petey show that Nanotyrannus is probably a juvenile T. rex
  • Simulated jaw mechanics showed the bite force and bone penetration of several tyrannosaurs
  • The juvenile T. rex Found N.E. Montana includes partial hands, feet, vertebrae, ribs, a partial skull, and teeth
  • Therizinosaurs have an unusual combination of basal arm musculature and more avian style leg musculature
  • Dinosaurs’ unique single ovary appears to have evolved after Oviraptor but before Troodontidae
  • We don't know if large bodied dromaeosaurs (velociraptor and larger) had tail fans
  • The new "Mtuka titanosaur" was found in Africa
  • An analysis of fossil fragments in Mygatt-Moore showed about half of the bones had marks on them
  • Maiasaura humeri bone microstructure changed as they aged, supporting a shift from bipedal to quadrupedal
  • Pachycephalosaurus has theropod-like teeth in the front and other similarities to Dracorex
  • An analysis of the pachycephalosaur Sphaerotholus showed that all 3 species should be considered valid
  • Early dinosaurs had thin semi rigid eggs, but in the early to mid Jurassic their eggs got thicker—possibly as a solution to dehydration and predation
  • By studying dozens of crocodilian, turtle, and bird nests, researchers found that the arrangement is preserved well as it is buried
  • Professional fossil preparator tips include: wear gloves, use tools only after getting training, and test other methods in advance to avoid unwanted destruction
  • High quality photogrammetry and 3D printing can be achieved using cheaper equipment
  • It is important to standardize and clean up the large amounts of historical fossil data so that it is easy to search and understand

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