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Incisivosaurus - Episode 227
Apr 3, 2019 · 51 min
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Dinosaur of the day Incisivosaurus, a small dinosaur with rodent-like front teeth.Interview with Alida Bailleul, who recently described a dinosaur fossil with an unlaid egg clearly in its abdomen. Her research focuses on microscopic structure of dinosaur bone and tissue. She has also studied modern alligators and birds to learn about dinosaur tissue and biomechanics.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new small therizinosaur, Lingyuanosaurus sihedangensis, was discovered with smaller more curved claws than its relative Therizinosaurus
  • “Scotty” the T. rex is now officially the largest Tyrannosaur—and possibly land predator—ever discovered
  • An amazing find of a dinosaur, Avimaia schweitzerae, that died with an unlaid egg inside it was found in Northwest China
  • Washington State is working on getting an official state dinosaur: Suciasaurus rex
  • The Montana state senate passed the bill 50-0 that says fossils are a property’s surface rights, not mineral rights
  • Colorado Northwestern Community College has a new dinosaur, Walter, the hadrosaur

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