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Sauroposeidon/Paluxysaurus - Episode 172
Mar 14, 2018 · 41 min
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In the news: New ankylosaur described from China named Jinyunpelta sinensis is the earliest ankylosaur with a well-developed tail club—100 million years old; A "nestling-sized" Edmontosaurus was found in Montana representing the smallest Edmontosaurs found to date; Fossils from New Jersey may turn out to be a tyrannosauroid braincase and leg; a new video of Claire Dearing from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom; Universal announced a Pokemon Go style Jurassic World game called Jurassic World Alive; dinosaur sculptures, games, clothes, and more

Dinosaur of the day Sauroposeidon/Paluxysaurus, a sauropod with a complicated history, whose name means "earthquake god lizard" / "Paluxy river lizard."

This episode is brought to you in part by TRX Dinosaurs, which makes beautiful and realistic dinosaur sculptures, puppets, and animatronics. You can see some amazing examples and works in progress on Instagram @trxdinosaurs

And by  the Royal Tyrrell Museum, which is located in southern Alberta, Canada. Right now they are exhibiting their free-to-attend Winter speaker series (also on YouTube). More information can be found at tyrrellmuseum.com.

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For links to every news story, all of the details we shared about Sauroposeidon/Paluxysaurus, and our fun fact check out https://iknowdino.com/sauroposeidon-paluxysaurus-episode-172

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