Idyllic Music Podcast #177 - The Number Three
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This week's episode of Idyllic Music is brought to you by the number 3. It is, I believe, the most ubiquitous symbol man has created throughout history. From religion to physics and beyond, the number 3 is found everywhere. The atom is made up of 3 components. Almost all faiths have a core aspect containing 3 parts. Shakespere, Tolkien and a host of modern authors have found the trilogy or number 3 irresistible. All of this despite the overwhelming dominance of the number 2 in our own biology, 2 eyes, ears, arms and legs. What is it about that added digit? Exploring the musical end of the number 3 for us are Nicolas Eller, Radioactive Sandwich and Ovalys. Try the new Idyllic Music app.
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