How We Solve
How We Solve
Jan 6, 2020
How Startups Can Create a Customer-Centric Product w/ Romain Lapeyre
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At Gorgias, Co-founder and CEO, Romain Lapeyre, is focused on building 1 solution — the exact solution his customers want. 

He came on the How We Solve podcast to explain his 3-step process to creating the exact solution to the exact problem your customers have.

What we talked about:

  • Romain’s backstory
  • Gorgias 2.0
  • The challenge: Building the exact solution your customers are seeking
  • How do we listen to our customers at scale?
  • Step 1: Collect & measure data
  • For Gorgias, they use these inputs to collect data 
  • Step 2: Classify feedback 
  • Step 3: Build according to what was requested
  • Romains 60-40 approach
  • How do you know what measurements to use?
  • Stay away from vanity metrics
  • Establish a few North Stars metrics

A few resources Romain suggested:

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