The Head Trash Show with Alexia Leachman
How to have a healthy body and a healthy mind
Jan 30, 2014 · 26 min
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I'm guessing that most of us started the year by setting ourselves some goals or intentions that are ultimately there to help us to get nearer to having a healthy body or a healthy mind.

Is that you?

As you crawl out of January, I'd be happy to bet that you probably find yourself in one of two camps

  * you've already failed miserably at your new year resolutions, probably by week 2 of 2014
  * you've just about completed January's goals, but you feel that you're going to struggle to maintain the momentum for much longer

Does that sound familiar?

Well, if this is you, then I hope that today's podcast will help.

In today's podcast I want to help you to kick start life changing habits that can help you to get nearer to having a healthy body and a healthy mind. Many people struggle with attempts at improving either the body or the mind, but the thing is, what's often over-looked is the undeniable link between the two. And so, when you're finding things hard, it may be that you'd hav…
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