Fuel Your Strength
Fuel Your Strength
Nov 12, 2019
Learn How To Live Your Life Without Restrictions w/ The Sassy Dietitian Laura Ligos
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Laura Ligos, AKA The Sassy Dietitian, loves to dissect what we see on Instagram and shed light on truths surrounding fitness and nutrition. An advocate for the nutrition profession, understanding how food fuels the body and how you can make it fun, Laura is here to debunk everything from macros and fat consumption to how to get a handle on holiday eating.

Focus More On What Makes Your Body Feel Good

Giving yourself grace in regards to food is just as important as anything else, and it is only by becoming okay with the mess and mistakes that you can learn from them and figure out what works best for your unique body. Learn all about the dangers of pre-workout, things to pay attention too when looking at your health, and why you should focus more on what makes your body feel good than what the internet tells you should feel good.

An important voice bringing a dose of reality, Laura is helping her clients make the choices aligned for them and ultimately works to help people feel good at the end of the day. If you want to learn how to live your life without restriction while still feeling empowered enough to choose what is working for you, this is an episode you do not want to miss.

Are you ready to pick yourself up and keep going with your health goals instead of getting sucked into the spiral of negativity? Share what you loved most about Laura’s no BS attitude in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • How to get over the hump and start having fun in the kitchen (12:57)
  • Understand the long term effects of overtraining and over supplementing (19:20)
  • The truth about macro’s and why you should question your macro coach (30:42)
  • Ways to use tracking as a tool in your nutrition toolbox without overdoing it (45:15)
  • The importance of planning your meals and movement throughout the holidays (55:21)



“Now you get to go experience the process of getting messy in the kitchen and learning new techniques with one another and actually realizing that food can be fun and enjoyable, it doesn’t have to be this chore or this negative either I’m eating healthy or I am not eating healthy foods.” (12:03)

“You have to do what works for you and look at your plate because everyone is different.” (17:25)

“If you want to live your healthiest, happiest life for the longest time possible, you don’t want to be mimicking these elite athletes.” (27:30)

“Think about yourself at 80 or 90 years old, would you still want to be tracking macros? And when I say that people laugh and I am like, ‘exactly’. This is not a long term approach, this is not something you want to be tied down to forever.” (35:51)

“I can make my own decisions when I go to these events and I can come out on the other side happy, healthy and feeling really good about myself while not affecting my health in a negative way.” (51:57)

 “You don’t always have control over the situation, you may have to go to a party where you don’t even get to bring food, but in the situations that you do, make it fun and make it food that you feel good about.” (58:34)



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