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Gloves on!

My guest on Ep 76 is the excellent Imogen Heap.

She's a lady unafraid of asking some big WHYS.

Like for example WHY does the record business have to look the same as It did in the time when physical records and label structures were the norm?

WHY must the artist have to hire teams of people to negotiate complicated wiggly pathways of the old clunky industry that really ought to be simplified for the good of getting the art to the ear?

Imogen has been so open and transparent in her career moves and it’s a lesson in the value of meaningful fan connection. 

She found her own way to share music and was an early Advocate of cultivating a caring and engaged Internet community and it’s paid dividends!

She keeps the doors to her process open and welcomes fans to get involved with the process of her making.

She looks at her real life makes changes to fit shifting priorities at home.

She’s highly adaptable, highly talented and very down to earth.

No wonder she has so many supporters that get behind her wild, pioneering visions.

We get to chatting about a very important and exciting project “the creative passport” thats going to be available to try in Beta this month of nov 2020. 

The future as a simpler place.

 I say bring it on. Check it out! here’s the link (in the Showwwww notesss!)


Music for the show comes from the wild experiments of Mr Max/MSP Tom Hall. Good stuff !

All music is selected from a new EP - bestowed-order-on-chaos .. CHECK IT OOOT.


Kind show sponsorship comes from who are providing a VAST library of sounds for royalty free use. It's not all hip hop as I demo at the top of the show! All the foley was found from simple searches. Everything from the Babbling Brook to heftiest 808s can be found upon splice in seconds. Wild modern tech! I use it all the time. No need to look for that pesky missing piece anymore. If you can search it, you’ll likely find it :)  







Tape Notes
Tape Notes
In The Woods
TN:61 Lianne La Havas, Sam Crowe & Beni Giles
In this biscuit fuelled episode, John is joined by Lianne La Havas along with producers Sam Crowe and Beni Giles to talk about how they wrote, recorded and produced Lianne’s latest album ‘Lianne La Havas’. Delving into Lianne's most personal work yet, the trio takes us through the moments the initial song ideas were formed, through the various stages of their development right to the finished versions. Illustrated with recordings made throughout the album’s journey, we hear stories of capturing the perfect vocal takes, trying piano voicing's on guitar and tales on the phenomenon of song writing. Listen to find out why talkback mics sometimes trump fancy mics, how they ventured to the scariest parts of a flute, and how cabbages made it onto the record. Tracks discussed: Bittersweet, Green Papaya, Seven Times SPLICE PROMO CODE Get one month of Sounds 100 free on Splice using the promo code: TAPENOTES100 Visit: GEAR MENTIONS AKG C414 Yamaha REFACE CS Moog Sub 37 Roland SP-808 BX20 BX Spring Reverb Sub Kick Mic Audio-Technica Microphone Fender Squire Guitar SUBMIT A JINGLE For all of the details on sending in a jingle email Submit your Tape Notes jingle and we'll play our favourites each week on the podcast. Jingles can be in any style, can feature the Tape Notes theme, lyrics, or none of those things - be as creative as you'd like (as long as they're between 5-15 seconds). HELP SUPPORT THE SHOW If you'd like to help support the show you can donate as little or as much as you'd like here, (we really appreciate your contributions :) Donate KEEP UP TO DATE For behind the scenes photos and the latest updates, make sure to follow us on: Instagram: @tapenotes Twitter: @tapenotes Facebook: @tapenotespodcast To let us know the artists you’d like to hear, Tweet us, slide into our DMs, send us an email or even a letter. We’d love to hear! Visit our website to join our mailing list:
1 hr 42 min
Recording Studio Rockstars
Recording Studio Rockstars
Lij Shaw
RSR280 - Justin Francis - More Mixing Tips For The Home Studio
My guest today is Justin Francis is a multiple Grammy Award nominee as an engineer, #1 Billboard chart mixer, and budding producer based right here in East Nashville. His work can be heard on records ranging from Ronnie Milsap to Alice Cooper including Top 40 hits for Little Big Town and Kelsea Ballerini; soundtracks with Kacey Musgraves and P!nk, and releases from diverse artists as Rodney Crowell, Tyler Childers, Margo Price, Buddy Guy, Deep Purple, Anti-Flag, Rozwell Kid and Diarrhea Planet reaching millions of streams every month. Justin has been a guest on the podcast previously one episode RSR220 when we got to talk about his background in the recording. So this episode we will continue to dig into mixing and production and ways that we can ramp up the quality of our work in our own pro or home studios. Thanks to our sponsors! Soundporter Mastering: Get your free mastering demo at JZ Microphones: Use coupon ROCKSTARS to get 50% off The BB29 mic at Spectra1964: OWC: Other World Computing: iZotope: code ROCK10 10% off ADAM Audio: RSR Academy: Want to learn more about mixing? Get Free mix training with Lij at: Hear more on Spotify If you love the podcast, then please Leave a review on iTunes here CLICK HERE FOR SHOW NOTES AT:
1 hr 54 min
Working Class Audio
Working Class Audio
Working Class Audio
WCA #317 with Ryan Gilligan - Quad Studios, Busta Rhymes, Duffle Bags of Hard Drives, Michael Brauer, and Mixing Based on Emotion
My guest today is Grammy award-winning mixer engineer and producer Ryan Gilligan. Ryan got his start at Quad Studios in New York, where he started as an intern, then assistant before taking on a year-long engineering gig for Busta Rhymes. Following that, he returned to Quad and began a mentorship with Michael Brauer that would last for seven years. He worked alongside artists, such as Coldplay, John Mayer, Kanye West, Shakira, Grizzly Bear, and many others. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles to work with producer John Hill on music for Adele, Gwen, Stefani, and Florence and the Machine. He ended up staying in Los Angeles and continues to work there to this day freelancing.  In this episode, we discuss: Playing Trumpet Interning Quad Studios Electric Lady Busta Rhymes Duffle Bags of Hard Drives Los Angeles New York Michael Brauer Health Challenges Mixing Based on Emotion Surviving on Mixing Strict Budgeting Matt's Rant: Banking! Yes, seriously. Links and Show Notes Ryan's Site: Ryan on Instagram: The Royalty site Ryan mentions: WCA on Instagram: @working_class_audio Go Ad-Free! Connect with Matt on Linkedin: Current sponsors & promos: Working Class Audio Journal: Credits: Guest: Ryan Gilligan Host: Matt Boudreau  WCA Theme Music: Cliff Truesdell  Announcer: Chuck Smith Editing: Anne-Marie Pleau & Matt Boudreau Additional Music: The License Lab
41 min
The Mr. Bill Podcast
The Mr. Bill Podcast
Bill Day
72 Virtual Riot
This week's episode is brought to you by Cryptic Coast. Cryptic Coast is an independent record label and music magazine, hoping to bring many start-up artists together with music lovers. The community is growing and new musical content is added to the library often, such as articles like 'What Makes Music Good?' and 'A Brief History of Dubstep'. They have recently launched a clothing line for anyone who wishes to support the brand. This includes many high-quality street-wear designs just in time for the holidays. If you are interested in exploring new music, want to check out some of the designs, want to expand your breadth of knowledge involving music, or if you are an artist that would like to join the interactive community, go to Use code mrbill10 for 10% off any product on the site. Virtual Riot is the electronic bass music project of 26 year old Valentin Brunn from Germany. He started playing the piano and producing music at an early age and continued his passion by studying music production at the Pop Academy in Mannheim, Germany. In 2015 he moved to Los Angeles and has since been touring the US and other continents, collaborating with other bass music artists like Kill The Noise and Skrillex and releasing his music on the LA based label Disciple Recordings. Now Valentin is known for his genre leading sample and preset packs as well as his video tutorials and music production livestreams which have influenced many producers in the scene. Virtual Riot Links: Mr. Bill’s Links:Patreon: Podcast Production Inquiries:
1 hr 19 min
Know Your Gear Podcast
Know Your Gear Podcast
Phillip Mcknight
Is Musicians Friend Selling Used Gear As New?
The moderators rock and my poor wife. lol    I never talk to my Sweetwater rep and I feel bad  Glarry's cost less than shipping  Guests on the show. You are the guests   Mesa Goobie amps? Pre and Post Gibson era Mesa Boogie amp  The lesson my wife and I learned about why you need the right teacher (Cran?)  Guitar Center Buys Paul Reed Smith?????  Is teaching is your business then students are your product.   Caption Lee Anderson and being on the show  Musicians Friend selling demo and used gear as new?? WTF  Long vs short legs on pickups  Why don't low end guitar companies just put better electronics in the guitar?  Which Friedman amp has the best clean tone? 0 What is the future of gear post Covid?   Buying Behringer pedals to AB vs my personal pedal rig  What I figured out about my wife and all I needed to know  It started with five of us. It is a great community  Casino guitars  You have to practice. Playing is more important than gear.   Marshall DSL vs Origin?  Are you lame for playing basic gear?  Why I suck at tubes You can support this channel and get a discount on KYG Merch Use Promo Code 2020SUCKS2 Here are some other products from a dealer I trust and buy from online You can become a Patreon and support more videos like this Send photos of you in your shirt here or ask questions PODCAST Facebook Instagram Know Your Gear T shirts Support the show (
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