How To Build A Profitable Podcast That Generates Millions With Travis Chappell
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We often speak about the power and utility of hosting a podcast, a space that keeps growing and shows no signs of slowing down! Today on the show we are joined by Travis Chappell, host of the Build Your Network Podcast, and the brains behind Guestio! Travis is an expert on leveraging a podcast to increase your network, knowledge, and ultimately your profit, and he is here to share a bit of that expertise with all of our listeners! We talk about Travis' journey to his current professional standing and our guest is generous enough to share some insightful numbers from his business and podcast, which have been growing steadily over the last few years. He also sheds some light on the new program he launched last year, called the Podcast Profit Academy, before diving into the fascinating subject of the Guestio platform. Guestio offers podcast hosts a great way to connect and book amazing guests and this project exemplifies Travis' innovative and progressive mentality. We also talk about ways to grow your audience, a few networking tips, and much more, so make sure to join us for this episode of Leveling Up!


  • [00:21] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Leveling Up Podcast!
  • [00:39] The 30,000-foot view of Travis' story and career thus far!
  • [03:39] How Travis got into podcasts and connected deeply with the format. 
  • [04:47] The size of the Build Your Network Podcast currently after a few years in the game.
  • [05:51] Last year's launch of the Podcast Profit Academy in response to the need to go remote.
  • [08:48] How Travis has benefited from hosting a podcast; network, knowledge, and profit!
  • [12:40] The focus that Travis puts on helping his clients turn a podcast into profit.
  • [18:28] The idea behind Guestio and the need that it services for podcast hosts. 
  • [21:19] Unpacking the idea of the expert marketplace; and how you can use Guestio!
  • [22:41] Methods for audience growth that Justin believes in right now.
  • [24:53] Networking tips from Justin — hosting and becoming an authority.
  • [26:41] Showing up and adding value at events; the best way to network in person.
  • [28:13] Travis' favorite business tool at the moment: ClickUp.
  • [28:49] Why Travis loves Robert Cialdini's book Influence.
  • [29:12] Travis' work in the real estate world and some of the big moves he has been making lately.
  • [30:12] How and where to connect with Travis online! 


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