How to Use AI to Generate Copy for Ads, Social and More with Paul Yacoubian
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How to Use AI to Generate Copy for Ads, Social and More with Paul Yacoubian

Welcome to the first episode of Leveling Up which is being hosted on Clubhouse! Today’s guest is Paul Yacoubian, Co-Founder, and CEO of Generating quality content is a huge part of any marketing endeavor, which is why it can be so time-consuming. This problem is slowly fading away though thanks to, which leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3 language-generating library to generate all your content for you! Our conversation with Paul is all about the applications for, his philosophy of building in public, and what libraries like GPT-3 mean for the future of education and business. Paul talks about some of the use cases of, highlighting how it can help users run different copywriting tests very quickly and is a great way of building an audience organically for smaller businesses who can’t afford paid ads yet. Paul also does a great job of explaining the evolution of OpenAI’s GPT libraries and just how high-quality the language generating tools they offer are becoming. We then tackle the subject of building in public, and Paul weighs in on his method of doing this as well as the benefits it offers for building an audience and attracting investor capital. In the last part of the episode, we open up the floor to some of the other participants in the Clubhouse group, and talk about how GPT-3 heralds a future where kids will be building successful companies and retiring before they finish high school!


  • [00:41] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Leveling Up Podcast!
  • [00:56] An intro into and the copywriting services it offers by leveraging GPT-3.
  • [02:40] How helps users generate new post or advert copy variations for them to test. 
  • [04:44] An explanation of GPT-3, a language generation AI tool that powers
  • [08:44] The argument for building in public; how Paul has followed Elon Musk’s example.
  • [14:22] Metrics Paul shares in his monthly reports and the role this plays toward building in public.
  • [15:45] Growth rates and MRR for 
  • [16:35] Paul’s thoughts on the sustainability of a business leveraging an open-source AI.
  • [18:45] Social media channels Paul is showing up on to build his organic reach. 
  • [19:30] Free trials offers and how they make money via month-to-month and subscription packages.
  • [22:17] Business trends like the creator and passion economy that Paul is excited about. 
  • [17:05] Why Paul’s favorite business book is Rich Dad Poor Dad.
  • [18:38] A business tool of Paul’s which is a recent favorite.
  • [24:08] The easiest way to find Paul online and learn more about
  • [24:25] Eric Wu talks about how he is using GPT-3 on this episode’s Clubhouse group.
  • [28:51] The percentage of articles we read on the internet that are AI-generated.
  • [29:21] How the best content creators are using GPT-3.
  • [31:08] A few examples of creative copy written by
  • [33:06] The next leap of AI-generated content and how will leverage that.
  • [34:29] What AI-generated content means for the school syllabus and the future of business.
  • [39:29] How kids will retire before finishing high school and where they should go to learn business.

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