This Company Does 60% Profit Sharing With Over $25M In Annual Recurring Revenue
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A big part of contemporary online business is connected to email marketing and one of the most powerful and exciting names in the game right now is undoubtedly ConvertKit. The company's Co-Founder and CEO, Nathan Barry, returns to the Leveling Up podcast today to talk about their last year or so of business, their choice to embrace profit-sharing, and his thoughts on the evolving remote-work landscape! Although ConvertKit can basically be described as email marketing software for creators, they actually offer so much more than that, and Nathan comments on their growth and how they go about adding new features to their service. One of the defining characteristics of the company is their lack of outside funding, and we get to talk about this choice and how they have managed to be so successful while opting out of venture capital. Nathan shares his thoughts on the time it takes to build something meaningful, the meaning of company culture, building in public and so much more! A big takeaway for listeners is the idea of intentionality and holding both the long-term vision and short-term goals in mind at the same time. So for all this from a leader of a leading company, be sure to listen in! 


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  • [01:12] Nathan's perspective on what is hot right now for email conversion.
  • [03:38] The power of Twitter threads when used correctly. 
  • [04:55] Growth at ConvertKit and the biggest steps they have made recently.
  • [06:14] Considering adding new features and how to do this smartly.
  • [07:52] Prioritizing certain features and how these decisions are made.
  • [10:12] Nathan's array of skills as a creator and the emphasis he puts on mindset. 
  • [12:53] Thoughts on niching down and how this relates to expansion.
  • [14:52] The growth in the blogging and online influencer industry. 
  • [15:58] Nathan's failed efforts at raising capital and how this ended up serving the company.
  • [18:13] The pros and cons of building in public — Nathan weighs in.
  • [20:13] The threat of competitors and bigger companies.
  • [22:45] Incentives and profit-sharing at ConvertKit — the evolution of Nathan's philosophy.
  • [26:18] Keeping a long-term vision in mind for short term strategies.
  • [28:55] Nathan's thoughts on recruiting talent in the current climate.
  • [33:32] Important parts of ConvertKit's remote culture and the emphasis they place on trust.
  • [34:58] Company retreats and the amazing practice of 'unsolicited feedback'.


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