Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast
Brandon Neely and Amanda Neely, CFP®
There are a lot of financial podcasts. Most of them repeat the same advice: Limit your spending, make a budget, invest in the stock market. But the future is uncertain. You never know when financial emergencies or changes in the economy will eat up your earnings. It’s overwhelming and stressful. And even if you act on every piece of advice, you might still feel like you should be further along and closer to your goals. That’s why many step away from conventional financial thinking: It doesn’t help them build long-term wealth or a lifestyle they love. The better alternative? Wealth wisdom! Wealth wisdom isn’t one-size-fits-all advice, but timeless principles that show you how to build the wealth you want for your dream lifestyle—whether you’re an employee or a business owner. The Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast shows you how to build wealth in all areas of life and business and goes way beyond financial wealth. Hosts Brandon Neely and Amanda Neely, CFP® are pumped to be your allies as you expand your financial confidence to stand the tests of time. On the Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast you will discover: - How a banker’s mindset can help you be profitable in any economy - How to defeat financial confusion, haphazardness, anxiety, overwhelm, and stress - How to start a profit habit that ends entrepreneurial poverty - And much much more all grounded in the wisdom of the ages May you live long and profit.
Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast
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