Get Rich Education
Get Rich Education
Oct 26, 2020
316: Why The Housing Crisis Will Worsen - Keith’s Prediction, Guaranteed Rent Income with GRE’s Aundrea Newbern
40 min

Will home prices stop rising soon? No. I tell you why. It’s my prediction.

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Four reasons home prices will keep rising in the short and intermediate-term are:

  1. Undersupply. America is already undersupplied 2.5 - 3.3 million housing units.
  2. Pent-up demand. More 18-29 year-olds live with their parents now at any time since The 1930s Great Depression. When they get jobs & move out, pent-up housing demand will be released.
  3. Homebuilder roadblocks. The top factor is wildly elevated lumber costs that has made some builders stop building.
  4. Population growth. America grows at 4,800 people every day, nearly 2 million annually.

Many Americans have been suffering from a lapse in federal pandemic stimulus relief. Hear a Nancy Pelosi clip about this.

I discuss hands-on ways to improve your properties’ appeal: paint, flooring blemishes, light fixtures, cabinets, vanities, front door.

GRE’s own Aundrea Newbern joins us. Learn about finding properties and tenants with guaranteed rent income.

You can find these properties and tenants at:

Concerns about the HUD Section 8 Program are: you must screen tenants harder, property inspections from the HUD case manager. 

Section 8 tenants have more motivation to pay rent because they don’t want to lose their housing voucher. They have longer tenancies and are less demanding during tenancies.

If you’re pre-qualified for a mortgage loan and want investment property with guaranteed rent income, start at:

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The Remote Real Estate Investor
The Remote Real Estate Investor
Top Tips for Managing Your Own Properties w/Dana Dunford, CEO of Hemlane
Michael: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of The Remote Real Estate Investor. I'm Michael Albaum and today we're gonna be doing our weekend wisdom. I'm joined by Dana Dunford, the CEO and co-founder of Hemlane, who we have on an upcoming episode to dive deeper into what they do as a company. But I wanted to talk with Dana today about some recommendations that she has for folks who are doing self-management. Let's get into it. Michael: So Dana, curious to get for our listeners, your best advice, input, recommendation for folks that are looking to self manage, because you've been on the professional management end of the things you've done on the self management end of things, and now you've got hemline kind of in the middle? If someone's looking to self manage, what can you what tips tricks, advice would you share? Dana First is education hands down. And I do believe that Roofstock has an academy for this as well. But educating yourself on how to mitigate risk? And really what I mean by how do you qualify tenants? How do you set up the lease contracts like the lease contract will make or break you? And then how do you make sure that as you're going through with repair coordination, which service professionals you're sending out, even rent collection? What are the best ways to collect rents like Venmo, credit cards, PayPal can all be disputed in a heartbeat like that. Those are terrible ways to collect rent, Michael: I thought you're gonna say those are all great ways. I was like, Oh, awesome. Dana No! So I think one of the biggest things is education. And then the second thing is do what you love. Because there's so much when you think about property management, you have to be a jack of all trades. You have to be good at accounting at sales at being a lawyer, right lease, contract, maintenance and repair, you're not good at all of it. So if you're going to self manage, figure out what you're really good at, and use other folks and other professionals to help you with what you're not good at. And that will really help you succeed. Michael: Well, that was our episode, everybody. Thank you so much, Dana for the weekend. Wisdom really, really great tips for everybody out there looking to self manage, greatly appreciate it. If you'd like this episode, feel free to give us a rating and review wherever it is using your podcast. We'd greatly appreciate it as they really help us out. Thanks so much for listening. We'll see on the next one. Happy investing
2 min
Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp
Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp
Kevin Bupp
#297: Visions, Growth Strategies, Sales During COVID, and Opportunities- with Jason Walter
This week’s episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast features Jason Walter. Jason has extensive experience in both land development and land brokerage. From 2003-2007 he headed acquisitions for land development projects totaling more than $300 Million in 31 different states. In 2007 Jason founded Carolina Land Realty and by 2012, Jason expanded his vision by turning Carolina Land Realty into National Land Realty with the intention of creating a Land Brokerage firm with a national footprint. National Land Realty offers the finest farm, ranch, plantation, timber, and recreational land for sale in the US and around the world, including hunting land and timberland, farmland and ranches, lake and river frontage, fishing ponds, acreages, and commercial development. Quotes: “For us, this year has been unusual in good and bad ways but didn’t always have to do with the pandemic.” Highlights: 3:23- Jason tells us about National Land Realty and himself 12:36- Jason talks about the expansion in his business 19:55- Jason tells us about his best marketing method 22:16- Jason talks about the pandemic’s impact on land sales 26:08- Jason talks about the opportunities in land investments Guest Website: Learn About Investment and Partnership Opportunities with Kevin and His Team
42 min
BiggerPockets Business Podcast
BiggerPockets Business Podcast
82: Putting Your Business on Auto-Pilot With Justin Silverio
Do you want to get your business to the point where you can simply leave for several months without worrying about things continuing to operate and grow? Do you want to get there quickly and with little risk? If so, today’s episode is for you! Justin Silverio - real estate investor and founder/owner of the real estate marketing company, Open Letter Marketing -- is here to tell us how he he was able to position his company to run on its own in just a couple years. Justin talks to us about key hiring, setting up processes and organizing operations in a way that will allow you, the CEO, to put your team in charge and free you up to focus on other pursuits. In this episode, we talk about pricing strategy (and mistakes), how to massively reduce your expenses, and how to hire the perfect employees who you can trust to manage and run your business. And, for you real estate investors, Justin provides his expertise on how to best handle acquisition marketing for your deals in today’s crazy real estate world! Make sure you listen for Justin’s tip on how to ensure you hire the right person THE FIRST TIME, and don’t end up making a bad hire because you didn’t have all the information you needed about the candidate. This may be one of the best hiring tips we’ve ever heard! Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show! Links from the Show: * BiggerPockets * * BiggerPockets Business Podcast 78: Building and Scaling a Massive Real Estate Business With Nathan Brooks * Scrum * Zoom Check the full show notes here:
59 min
Exactly How - Real Estate Investing
Exactly How - Real Estate Investing
Connected Investors | Real Estate
How To Stay Successful In Real Estate With Jennifer Tucker
Listen in to this episode to find out how to develop effective routines in three basic steps. Full FREE Real Estate Investing Training 👉 Show Notes + Gifts  👉    Tap Show More For A LOT More. Becoming a real estate agent is not as straightforward as getting a license and selling properties. This might explain why 80% of real estate agents quit in their first year. Maintaining and growing your real estate business no matter what stage it’s in not only requires hard work and effort but routines and habits that will ensure the longevity of your business. If you are going to put in all the hard work into starting, you might as well secure a successful future for not only yourself but your business. It’s for you whether you’ve been looking for a new way to invest, or just a way to start investing, as well as experienced real estate flippers and landlords. Episode sponsor: 👉 Let us know what you liked & want to learn more about! -------------------------------------- There is a new marketplace for real estate investors many are calling the Pre-MLS! Search for deeply discounted properties in your area and learn how to Micro-Flip properties. 👉 See It Here: -------------------------------------- 📚Resources: (FREE Book on Funding Ross Mentioned)  (Show Notes + Gifts + Resources) (The social network for REI)  (House flipping APP) Support the show ( Support the show ( Support the show ( Support the show ( Support the show (
18 min
Real Estate Rookie
Real Estate Rookie
Balancing a Career, Family, and Lots of Deals with Active Duty Service Member Adam Whitney
Feeling stretched for time in your investing career? Today we talk with Adam Whitney, an active duty military member, working full-time, with children, a wife, and an active investment portfolio! With so much going on at once, Adam makes it look easy, juggling his hectic military life while accomplishing his long term goals. Adam started learning about real estate over a decade ago, but didn’t dive in until 2017. Thanks to his “ruthless work ethic”, he’s been able to stack up his rental portfolio, make meaningful mentor connections, and join masterminds in only a few years! Adam talks about getting 0% down loans, locking down long-distance real estate deals, doing thorough inspections when buying sight-unseen, and how to start relationships with mentors and real estate professionals you look up to. With a healthy portfolio of rental properties spanning across the country, Adam is the perfect example of someone who found the time to accomplish his (and his family’s) dreams of financial independence! In This Episode We Cover: * How to make time for investing with a career, family, and hectic schedule * The importance of goal-setting for you (and your partner) * Setting specific goals to silo your vision for a brighter future * Gaining the experience to get your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th deal (and beyond!) * Why you should start “aggressively networking”  * How to reach out to your real estate heroes (and get responses) * Reading and making sense of a pro forma analysis  * Optimizing your home inspection process (for less!) * How to tackle a joint venture (even if it’s your first) * How your “why” drives your deals forward * And SO much more! Links from the Show * Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group * Ashley's Instagram * Tony's Instagram * Brandon Turner's BiggerPockets Profile * BiggerPockets Podcast * Biggerpockets Calculators * Rookie Podcast 29: Growing Your Portfolio with Turnkey Investing with Whitney Hutten and Lance Robinson Check the full show notes here:
46 min
Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing in Rental Property
Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing in Rental Property
Dustin Heiner
Investor Coaching: Most Important Real Estate Investing Contracts You Need In Your Business
Your real estate business is only as strong as the contracts you use. There are a few crucial real estate contracts that you need to know how to use. Get the Free Real Estate Investing Course: Join the Real Estate Wealth Builders Investor Membership My Website: // WHAT TO WATCH NEXT How to Become Successfully Unemployed: Get Money For Investing in Real Estate: How to Start Investing In Real Estate: How to Analyze a Real Estate Investing Deal in 5 Seconds: How to Set Up Your LLC for Your Business: How to Use Owner Financing to Make Loads of Money: //BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTING RESOURCE LINKS Find Off Market Properties: Get Business Funding Great High Interest Savings Account: Accurate Rental Rates: Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing: Learn more about Dustin and find resources to build an automatic real estate investing business: Join our free private Facebook group! NOTE: This description may contains affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, this channel may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support!
10 min
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