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Jan 14, 2019
223: Real Estate & Stock Predictions, Pools vs. Streams, Live Before You Die
34 min

#223: You must build streams of income, not pools of income. Learn why.

Then we recap what really happened in 2018, and predict how that affects you in the next couple years.

Real estate up 5.5%, Dow and S&P down 6%, NASDAQ down 4% year-over-year.

Learn how stock and bond movements affect mortgage rates.

Next week, business mogul Jim Rogers joins us.

Finally, will you “Live Before You Die”? (Lyrics to this segment below.)


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:40 Income Streams vs. Pools: The context of asset capital values.

07:21 Running the annual numbers - real estate, stocks, CPI, gold, oil, etc.

09:48 President Trump’s barbs.

14:23 Stocks and bonds affect on mortgage interest rates.

16:30 Predictions from’s Chief Economist.

20:51 Jim Rogers joins us next week.

23:32 “Live Before You Die” Audio Program.

29:22 “Live Before You Die” thoughts.

Resources mentioned:

Mortgage Loans:

Cash Flow Banking:

Turnkey RE:


Find Properties:


“Live Before You Die” lyrics:


If you work for a salary or a wage, then money is an important factor in your life.


So there you are, making between $60,000 and $150,000 per year.


You’ve got a good home, steady employment, you drive a decent car. Sometimes you even feel “comfortable.”


This one precious life of yours is made up of time. Are you trading away that time for dollars at a job that you aren’t passionate about?


Every morning, you might even separate yourself from those you love… in order to do this.


With real estate investing, you don’t want properties so much as you want its passive income - income that you don’t have to work for.


Now your eternal time vs. money dilemma is solved.


If you don’t know why you urgently need financial freedom, do it so that you can “Be Yourself”.


See… you wake up to a blaring alarm to get to your job - and that’s how your day starts. Then you’re programmed to tote company lines all week.


Near the end of the work day, you’re playing another tireless charade - screwing around on the internet while you’re watching the clock like it’s a countdown timer so you can get out of there. that’s unethical.


You aren’t being yourself… because you wouldn’t naturally do those things.


Most employees aren’t driven by purpose, they’re driven by fear.


Your growth can only begin when you peel back each layer of your vulnerability onion and get honest with yourself.


The roots of change are nourished with genuineness.


You’d rather quit your job and be a nature photographer or a Red Cross volunteer or a sports writer or travel.


Even if your job is OK, wouldn’t life be better if you were job-optional?


You haven’t created the time to feel peace, joy, happiness, giving, love and freedom in your life.


You spend all this time learning how works works, zero time learning about how money works...

yet money is the only reason that you even go to work.


Look… you won’t obtain freedom by getting your money to work for you.


Every dollar that you put in a stock or 401(k) plan can’t leverage other people’s money...


...for freedom, you must ethically employ other people’s money. That’s the mindset shift.


Real estate gives you limitless access to other people’s money - the bank’s, the government’s, and your tenants.


When you have enough passive income to meet all of your expenses, you can quit your job and be free!


Real estate is the generationally-proven way to build wealth and you don’t even need any degree or certificate.


That’s why I talk tirelessly on my podcast, and in videos, and articles and newsletters and wrote a book, and keep visiting the best geographic markets to find the right opportunities and properties and to meet the right people.


In this one life of yours, you can either be a conformer or you can build wealth.


Once you have time freedom, whether or not you want to go on to be rich from there - well, that part’s up to you.


This is an unselfish act - because when you do what you love, you’ll produce better results for both your family and society. You can’t help others if you’re poor.


Don't live below your means. Expand your means - with anything that you do in life.


The sad thing is, you have a choice in this - yet you’re selling your time and your soul for money. And that’s what breaks my heart.


Learn how to invest in real estate - the smart, patient, stable way.


Most people get used to “settling” in life. When you were 12 years old and thought about your adult life, I’ll tell you one thing that you never thought:


“Someday, I’m going to live a small life.”


Well, now that’s precisely what you’ve done.


Get real with me. How much did your employer pay you to quit your dreams?


Do you even remember what your dream was from when you were 12? I bet you’ve forgotten.


When your dreams die, you die.


Most people die at age 25. It’s just that they’re not buried until age 85.


Will you live before you die?


-by Keith Weinhold of Get Rich Education



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Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp
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#298: Agriculture, Investing Abroad, Co-ops, and So Much More- with Evie Brooks
This week’s episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast features Evie Brooks. Evie is a Real Estate Investment Educator, Keynote Speaker, Investor, Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur, and former Advanced Trainer for “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, who now specializes in “All Things Panama”, including real estate and organic agriculture investments. With over 24 years of real estate investment experience, she’s educated and guided thousands of investors through the process of locating, evaluating, and analyzing transactions for cash flow and ROI (Return on Investment) in 13+ countries and 30+ states in the United States. During the global pandemic, Evie continues to close deals every week, primarily due to the soaring demand for organic smart farming investments in Panama, where 85% of the food is imported. Quotes: “After watching and seeing a lot of investors really happy with the returns that they were seeing on this, I was like this is a really good opportunity because food is going to become more and more in demand and airable land is becoming less and less available, and therefore creating a higher value for that land.” “Co-op is what most people in the agriculture business know. A co-op is where a big broker that has accounts around the world with go out and find smaller farmers collectively in places such as Peru that are growing, but they don’t have the connections nor the volume to be able to deal with the big boys (whole foods, etc.) so the broker will come in and co-op with all those small farmers to buy the food from then they will ship it and carry it out to the rest of the world.” Highlights: 4:11- Evie gives her background and how she got started in investing abroad 13:46- Evie tells us about the different types of investments that she’s involved with in Panama 15:55- Evie explains the mechanics of co-ops in an investment sense 23:10- Evie tells us about the risks and tax benefits of the agriculture industry abroad Guest Website: Learn About Investment and Partnership Opportunities with Kevin and His Team
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Investor Coaching: NEW Fee for Refinancing Your Home! 😡😡😡
There is a new fee that you will have to pay when you refinance a home! This is the mortgage refinance fee and it will cost you a lot of money! Get the Free Real Estate Investing Course: Join the Real Estate Wealth Builders Investor Membership My Website: // WHAT TO WATCH NEXT How to Become Successfully Unemployed: Get Money For Investing in Real Estate: How to Start Investing In Real Estate: How to Analyze a Real Estate Investing Deal in 5 Seconds: How to Set Up Your LLC for Your Business: How to Use Owner Financing to Make Loads of Money: //BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTING RESOURCE LINKS Find Off Market Properties: Get Business Funding Great High Interest Savings Account: Accurate Rental Rates: Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing: Learn more about Dustin and find resources to build an automatic real estate investing business: Join our free private Facebook group! NOTE: This description may contains affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, this channel may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support!
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MB 241: What to Say to Potential Multifamily Investors – With David Kamara
What is the best way to approach the conversation with potential multifamily investors? How do you communicate the benefits of investing in apartment buildings over other asset classes and assure them that their money is safe with you—even if you’re new to the space? David Kamara is the Founder and Managing Director of Cape Sierra Capital, a multifamily syndication firm out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has 15 years of investing experience in the real estate space, getting his start with a portfolio of residential single family and duplex units before transitioning to apartment buildings and townhome communities. Today, David owns 200-plus units and serves as a mentor on the Michael Blank team. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, David joins cohost Drew Whitson and I to explain how he coaches his mentoring students to approach the conversation with potential investors, describing how multifamily isn’t subject to the same risks as single family rentals. He weighs in on what helps aspiring syndicators believe in their ability to succeed, exploring how knowledge helps us visualize what’s possible but action is key in making it real. Listen in for David’s insight on getting your priorities straight and learn how underwriting to cashflow makes multifamily a good investment no matter what’s going on in the world. Key Takeaways What David’s been up to since his last appearance * Find competitive deals with good return for investors * Develop personal cashflow formula (free eBook) * Share knowledge through platform, mentoring What helps aspiring multifamily investors believe it’s possible * Knowledge (i.e.: understanding of loans, taxes) * Personality open to learning new things How COVID changed the way David talks to investors * Proactive in reaching out to investors * Open about potential for no distributions How COVID has impacted David’s underwriting * Assume minimal rent increases for next 3 years * Take on longer, fixed-rate debt (HUD loans) * Prepare investors for longer hold periods David’s advice around market timing * Don’t worry about things can’t control * Plan for same cap rate at sale, focus on cashflow * Choose markets with job diversity How David coaches his students on talking to investors * Explain cash-on-cash return and appreciation * In control of both factors with multifamily Why David invested in the Platform Builder Incubator * Eventually run out of investors as business scales * Attract high-income earners, serve more people * Accelerate growth (program tailored to syndicators) David’s plan to produce content consistently * Write blogs on common questions * Considering podcast as medium David’s advice for aspiring multifamily syndicators * You have to start (buy something) * Prioritize what’s important in life * Hustle to find deals Connect with David Kamara Cape Sierra Capital David’s Free eBook: Personal Cashflow Formula Resources Learn More About Michael’s Mentoring Program Register for Michael’s Platform Builder Incubator Join the Nighthawk Equity Investor Club David Karmara on Apartment Building Investing EP182 HUD Loans HubSpot Michael’s Health Crisis on Apartment Building Investing EP230 LoopNet Podcast Show Notes Michael’s Website Michael on Facebook Michael on Instagram Michael on YouTube Apartment Investor Network Facebook Group
42 min
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