Cattitude - Episode 102 Shatervan Idesh - Saving Cats Across The Globe
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Michelle Fern welcomes back Shawn Simons, founder and former headmistress of Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats to talk about her exciting new organization in Albania, Shatervan Idesh, which means "Idea Fountain".

It is hard for a country that can barely take care of its people to look to take care of the animals. But they believe a country cannot mature without getting in step with animal welfare. Shatervan Idesh will create access to free sterilization for the stray animals, as well as filling some bellies and finding some homes.

EPISODE NOTES: Shatervan Idesh - Saving Cats Across The Globe
Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett
Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett
Susan Garrett
Clicker Training: Will it Work for Every Dog?
Visit us at How do you decide when to use a clicker and what to use it for in dog training? That’s a question recently asked on my Instagram and what we’re covering in this episode. Is a clicker a good choice for your dog, or you as a trainer, or for the behavior you want to train? In the episode you'll hear: • About using clickers, markers and what conditioned reinforcers are. • The four things you can do when using reinforcement in your training. • The verbal markers I like to use and why I changed from “yes” to a short “good”. • Why we use a clicker and how it can reduce stress. • About the clicker's precision and how a precise tool helps our training. • Why a clicker is like a laser for training to isolate exact moments for your dog. • About knowing what your dog thinks you clicked, not what you think you clicked. • What I learned about getting what I click in the nineties when training a go out. • When I use a clicker. • The reasons to use reward throwing or food chucking in dog training. • What to do if you are luring to fade the lure as soon as you can. • How I inadvertently trained by dog Buzz to stop at the first weave pole. • The difference between gross behaviors, behaviors of motion, and precise moments in time. • Easy games to help improve your timing and skills with a clicker. Resources: • Video: 5 Games for Puppies - • Susan’s Instagram - • Blog Post: Three Different Types of Verbal Markers in Dog Training - • Blog Post: To Click or Not to Click, that is the Question - • Blog Post: When Clicking Goes Wrong - • Blog Post: Practical Videoing Tips - • Video: Target Training for Dogs Part Two - Step by Step Training Plan - • Watch this Episode of Shaped by Dog on YouTube -
22 min
American Girls
American Girls
Allison and Mary
Special Episode! HBD to us!
Join us for a special episode as we celebrate our second birthday! If we held a party (we did), invited everyone we knew (did that too), you would see the biggest gift would be from us, and the card attached would say: free Britney! Join us as we talk about the Britney Spears documentary and share some wartime cake recipes. Thank you for being a friend! (and for listening) Visit our merch store! (Link: ) Join our patreon! ( Follow the show on Instagram (@americangirlspodcast) and Twitter (@agirlspod) Email us at You can follow Allison on Instagram (@allisonhorrocks) and Twitter (@allisonhorrocks) You can follow Mary on Instagram (@mimimahoney) and Twitter (@MaryMahoney123) The holidays are coming! Consider buying a Libro FM membership for yourself or a loved one. Choose from over 150,000 audiobooks and even support your local bookstore with your purchases as a member. Our listeners can take advantage of a special offer: 2 audiobooks for the price of 1 in your first month. To sign up, use code AGReads or this link: Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: Need a source of calm in your day? Subscribe to Libro FM! Choose from over 150,000 audiobooks and even support your local bookstore with your purchases as a member. To sign up, use code AGReads or this link: Want to start your own podcast? You’ll need audio hosting to push out your episodes to your audience. We host our show on Podbean and can offer our listeners one month of free hosting. Use: to try the unlimited hosting plan and to create a show for your business!
1 hr 9 min
The Concept2 Workout Podcast
The Concept2 Workout Podcast
Workout 72 - RowErg - Whatcha Got, Hot Shot?!
Workout 72: (HIIT Style Workout) Brace your self and your core and get ready to be impressed. We are bringing the heat, power that is, with these short, high intensity intervals. They will fire you up and it's possible you will blow yourself away!   **LISTENER REQUEST** Help us build a new segment on our show!   It's called "What Makes YOUR Flywheel Spin?" and we want to hear from YOU! You'll have to do this workout to hear the specific details for this week, but here are the basic steps:   Step 1: Complete today's Workout Step 2: Find the Audio Recorder App on your smartphone Step 3: Record your Voice answering the specific question asked Step 4: Save and Send your audio files to   Warm Up (~5 Minutes) (Programming begins at 3:00) Using Just Row 5 Minute gradual build in Stroke Rate and Power   Workout (~25 Minutes) (Programming begins at 11:00) Using Just Row   10 Intervals of Work  ~2 Minutes of Rest between Intervals   Work = 17 Strokes Together 2 to Sync Up 5 to Build Up Power 10 to Sustain High Power   Stroke Rates targets for each interval: 4 @ 24 3 @ 26 2 @ 28 1 @ 30   Cool Down: Take things easy for the last few minutes on or off of your machine   Want to Learn or Practice the Basics of Rowing on the Concept2 RowErg?  As The Flywheel Spins "Row Basics"   Remember, feedback is important!  Please forward any questions or comments you may have to (use "Podcast" in the subject line of your email).   Please read the following before participating. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
37 min
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