Sep 3, 2019
How Many Pairs of Underwear Do I Pack for a Weekend? feat. Aisling Bea
34 min

For the season finale, Jordan and Michelle sit down with Irish comedian Aisling Bea, the creator and star of the new Hulu series This Way Up, and talk about what it takes to make sad s**t into something funny. Then we go behind the scenes with DJ Donwill and producer Christian Banda as they tackle some of the toughest Adulting questions of the season. Plus, Jordan reveals the one question that he wants to ask his parents (and it’s gross). 

SuperCharged Life with Dr. Judy
SuperCharged Life with Dr. Judy
Stage 29 Podcast Productions
Finding and Embracing Your True Self with Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae
On this episode of Supercharged Life, Dr. Judy has a candid and heartfelt conversation with LeCrae, two-time grammy award winning hip hop artist, activist and author of I Am Restored- How I Lost My Religion but Found My Faith. Despite his tremendous success, LeCrae feared revealing his true self to everyone in the world, including his own family. LeCrae discusses the struggles with addiction, depression, and anxiety as he fought for acceptance from the world after enduring physical, emotional, and sexual abuse before the age of 10, and how he ultimately found it in unexpected ways through stepping away from nonstop work and productivity, the major things that always brought him affirmation and self-worth. In an unprecedented step, Lecrae took a sabbatical from his music career and took the time to go to therapy despite the shame and stigma around seeking professional help. He details important lessons about effective healing practices and how he mended his relationships with his family to find real, unconditional love. If you need inspiration for self-compassion, starting anew after trauma and pain, or simply need a refresh on your mental health and wellness practices, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Dr. Judy gives you five practical tools to discover your true self and move through life with conviction and authenticity. Pick up a copy of Lecrae’s fantastic new book I am Restored at If you have a problem or issue that relates to today’s topics, download and subscribe today and Supercharge your life now! And if you have questions you need answered, follow and DM Dr. Judy on Instagram @drjudyho and she will get to as many questions as possible on her next episode of Ask Dr. Judy! On this episode, we discuss: 1. Masking to fit in (4:00) 2. When LeCrae came face-to-face with his past (5:30) 3. How to find acceptance (10:20) 4. Overcoming stigma for mental health care (16:15) 5. Defined by success? The importance of a sabbatical (18:00) 6. The importance of restorative days (22:00) 7. Why shame is a big liar (24:00) 8. Unconditional love and self love (25:00) 9. Intergenerational trauma – how can we solve the problem? (28:35) 10. LeCrae’s community projects in Atlanta and the gift of mentorship (33:00) 11. SuperCharged Secret of the Day: Discovering and Honoring Your True Self (35:45) To submit questions for Dr. Judy to answer anonymously, go to this link: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48 min
GirlTrek's Black History Bootcamp
GirlTrek's Black History Bootcamp
Morgan Dixon + Vanessa Garrison
Prayer Edition | Day 21 | GirlTrek Nation
“Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. For where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.” -- Matthew 18:19-20 Dear Family, You walked with us, you prayed with us, you learned with us and last night (we could not make this up y’all. #divinetiming #Godswork) you helped our Black History Bootcamp walking podcast reach one million downloads!!!! Now, this is what you call spiritual warriorship! You made this happen! Your prayers. Your walking. And, today, on the last day of this 21-day spiritual journey, we celebrate YOU as our Spiritual Warriors! With each person you invited to join you on this journey, for every tweet that you sent, IG tag, or FB post that you made – you helped us inspire more people to start walking towards their healing. Imagine the power of that. This is God’s work and you are His servants. Thank you. Today’s walk is a celebration. The story will be your story. A story of victory and triumph against all odds. Lace-up your sneakers and join us live TODAY at 12 PM, ET. “The Bible says, 'For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.' There is power in our ranks. We believe in that same God that spoke to Sojourner, protected Ida, and animated Angela - lives in us. We believe that there is something divinely beautiful and powerful in every Black woman. We believe in holding up the light – celebrating sisters, amplifying what’s working and lifting up champions.” – Excerpt GirlTrek Manifesto, 2014 Join GirlTrek’s Black History Bootcamp - The Prayer Edition at to receive specially curated emails with prayers, survival tips, speeches + dedicated songs to listen to for each episode. Together we will discover the stories of 21 spiritual warriors. Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music or speech excerpt played during this broadcast. Original content can be found here: Keep Ya Head Up - 2Pac: Catch the Fire and LIVE. [Poem by Sonia Sanchez Read by GirlTrek Volunteers]:
54 min
Stories from Flying the Nest
Stories from Flying the Nest
Flying the Nest
Getting Sick While Travelling - Episode #5
Black Friday Sale Now on head to Watch the free video version at or search "Stories from Flying the Nest" on YouTube. This is the show for fans of travel, fans of travel that goes wrong and fans of Stephen, Jess & Hunter from Flying the Nest. After travelling to over 80 countries over the past 5 years there have been a lot of horror stories of when we have gotten sick overseas...these are those stories and some tips on how to not get sick whilst overseas. Get in your questions for the fourth podcast coming out soon - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow our journey Vlogging YouTube channel: Join the Weekly Coop Update email: Website/Blog Facebook • Flying the Nesters Travel Community Group • INSTAGRAM: Flying the Nest Instagram • Stephen Instagram • Jess Instagram • Hunter Instagram • Chleo Instagram • TWITTER: Flying the Nest Twitter • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo Editing Preset Packs: Colour Grade Your Videos With LUTS: Learn to edit videos for YouTube: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See for privacy and opt-out information.
47 min
Creative Pep Talk
Creative Pep Talk
Andy J. Pizza
298 - Unlock Your New Powerful 3 Point Growth Plan by Analyzing This Past Year
Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify ........................................................................................... SHOW NOTES ........................................................................................... Go Giver New Girl Pitch Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips on All Songs Considered ........................................................................................... SPONSORS ........................................................................................... PATREON If you’re a podcaster, Youtuber, musician, writer, illustrator... if you’re a creative person of any kind, or simply love one, now is the time to check out Now is the time to join the millions of fans and creators who are changing the way art is valued together. STORYBLOCKS This episode is brought to you by Storyblocks Video. Story Blocks give you studio-quality 4k stock video without blowing your budget. If you need b-roll, after effects templates, or video motion background you gotta check out Storyblocks Video. Head to to learn more about Storyblocks Video today. SKILLSHARE X CREATIVE PEP TALK Our first ever online video course is out now on SKILLSHARE! Are you looking for your next big break? Whether you’ve NEVER had a big break in your creative career OR you’re a veteran creative who needs a new big break to reinvent yourself: this class is for you!!! Go to to get started!!! Jakprints Get our new 2021 Calendar printed by AVAILABLE NOW!
46 min
Clue BioWink
Who you gonna call? Mythbusters!
This season on Hormonal we’ve learned a lot about birth control. From the origin of the pill, to how side effects can be beneficial, to the history and future of Reproductive Justice. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to learn, especially when it comes to those pesky myths that just never seem to completely disappear. This week on the Hormonal podcast, we are assembling a super squad of science-backed Mythbusters. They’re ready to tackle questions from real users like you. On the mythbusting squad we’re welcoming back Dr. Lynae Brayboy, Clue’s Chief Medical Officer–and also joining us is Amanda Shea, Clue’s Head of Science, and Dr. Hajnalka Hejja, Clue’s Science Lead for Product. "It feels like it's constantly being reinforced that we should have an exactly 28-day cycle that comes at the exact day we expect, month after month after month. And then it's completely not true." For more information on today’s episode visit And to find out how to support the work here at Clue, go to Clue.Plus. Episode Links * The birth control implant: myths and misconceptions * Antibiotics and Birth Control: Myths and Facts * How to use Clue if you’re on the hormonal birth control pill * The top 3 PMS myths * 36 superstitions about periods from around the world * Tampons: questions & misconceptions * Can you swim on your period? * The myth of moon phases and menstruation
36 min
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