Hawaii News Now
Hawaii News Now
Nov 23, 2020
Sunrise 5 a.m. Newscast (Nov. 23, 2020)
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Hawaii saw a high number of cases over the weekend, partially driven by a prison outbreak.
Google Workspace Recap
Google Workspace Recap
Jesse Nowlin and Steve Larsen
Google Workspace Recap E004: The one with the short episode
Wow, week 4 already! This was a light week for Google, and so you get a shorter episode, but we still managed to fit in some awesome resources and of course, this week's updates. There are some amazing updates still to come, and we are working on some top secret projects behind the scenes that we can’t wait to share with you, so stay tuned! To all those who subscribed and are back for more, we appreciate you! To all of you who are here for the first time, welcome and we hope you stick around! Here are the updates we discussed in order of appearance: * _Join a meeting with new options on the Google Meet landing page_ * _Install the Teams meeting add-on for Google Workspace_ * _Enable offline support for Google Calendar on web from your computer_ * _Quickly navigate to active cells and ranges with the new range name box in Google Sheets_ * _Resize the Chat and Rooms sections in Gmail on the web_ We also discussed: * Steve will be getting a new recording studio starting Episode 6! * _Pre-Integrated SAML App Inclusion Request Form_ * _Patronum_ (A BetterCloud killer?) * Featured on _SasSOps Life SOLVE Tank_ this Friday * _Killed by Google__ _ Feel free to send us your Workspace Questions, remember, we are both experts in Google Workspace, and if we can't answer your question, we can probably find someone who can. Send us your questions on Twitter, or on our website workspacerecap.com or at hi@workspacerecap.com Join us each week as we discuss What’s New in Google Workspace, Upcoming releases, and answer your questions. Hit the subscribe button, engage with us and send us your feedback/questions on Twitter at @WorkspaceRecap twitter.com/workspacerecap and on our website at workspacerecap.com where you can also find expanded show notes, and more! Hosted by @MrJNowlin and @larsen161 Disclaimer: Podcast and Hosts are Not affiliated with Google
28 min
Reversing Climate Change
Reversing Climate Change
S2E48: Damn the Absolute! On pragmatism and climate change—w/ Jeffrey Howard, Editor-in-Chief of Erraticus
The climate conversation is riddled with ideological battles. There are those who think climate change is the most pressing issue of our time pitted against those who don’t think it’s a big deal (if it’s even real). There are fights over ecological versus industrial forms of carbon removal. And there are those who believe that climate change can be reversed, while others have little hope that humanity will stick the landing. So, how do we move past these absolutist views and inspire action to solve the problem? Jeffrey Howard is the Editor-in-Chief at _Erraticus_ and the host of the _Damn the Absolute! podcast_. Both platforms take a pragmatic approach to ideas, challenging dogma, fundamentalism and ideological hubris. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Jeffrey joins Ross to introduce the principles of pragmatism as a discrete philosophical school of thought, describing the intellectual context from which it emerged and how the philosophy seeks to reconcile the competing camps of Rationalism and Empiricism. Jeffrey explores how a pragmatic approach might break logjams in the climate conversation, explaining how pragmatists balance building an inclusive community of inquirers with taking action to solve problems in the real world. Listen in to understand how a pragmatist thinks about a climate solution like carbon capture and learn how pragmatism addresses our lived challenges, encouraging us to hold our views with humility as we work to improve life for all people. Connect with Ross: _Purchase Nori Carbon Removals_ _Nori_ _Nori on Facebook_ _Nori on Twitter_ _Nori on Patreon_ Resources: Too many things referenced for this episode! Will fix this in the future. In the meantime, here is a truncated portion: _Erraticus_ _Damn the Absolute! Podcast_ _Jeffrey Howard on Reversing Climate Change EP107_ _Sick Souls, Healthy Minds: How William James Can Save Your Life __by John Kaag_ _Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking __by William James_ _William James_ _Subsistence Agriculture in the US: Reconnecting to Work, Nature and Community __by Ashley Colby_ _On Richard Rorty on Damn the Absolute! EP001_ _Toward a Politics of Uncertainty on Damn the Absolute! EP002_ _David O’Hara on Damn the Absolute! EP007_ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/reversingclimatechange/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/reversingclimatechange/support
1 hr 5 min
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