Juno Calypso
44 min
In Episode 03 of The Great Women Artists Podcast, Katy Hessel interviews one of the most exciting and brilliant photographers working today, JUNO CALYPSO!!! Known for her self portraits where she stages herself as a fictional character named ‘Joyce’ in the likes of Honeymoon Hotels in America, 70s style flats in Malta, or more recently in a kitsch underground bunker on the outskirts of Vegas, Juno’s work is always very distinctly pink and elaborate, with a lot of dark undertones. After graduating from London College of Communications in 2012, Juno has since gone on to win multiple awards for her work, including the British Journal of Photography and the Royal Photographic Society, and has had six solo exhibitions across London and Milan. In this episode we discuss Juno's career so far, how she became interested in self portraiture experimenting with digital cameras in the late 90s and early 00s; her experience at university; incredible recent photographic projects, The Honeymoon and What To Do With A Million Years; her constant and refreshing examination of female self-perception; and how she's catapulted into being one of the most recognisable and exciting photographers working today. I couldn't be more delighted to have Juno as my third guest. Not only is she amazing AND hilarious, but her unnerving stories of finding the most kitsch and insanely incredible locations (you won't believe are real) are just fantastic. She has A LOT of good stories. ENJOY!!! WORKS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Early Work – Popcorn Venus, 2012 https://www.junocalypso.com/joyce-ii/403ytame26ukmyc3nv2iy9oancorht Joyce – 12 Reasons You're Tired All The Time, 2013 https://www.junocalypso.com/joyce-ii/8oj5qrr18him0sra6i6ymi8qyxz0bv The Honeymoon –  Eternal Beauty, 2014 https://www.junocalypso.com/produce/k4d0u0w5q499ico00rkwiu973r0ee0 A Dream in Green, 2015 https://www.junocalypso.com/produce/yaorcuo0dsom4rtagq3bo6e3f6lt86 The Honeymoon Suite, 2015 https://www.junocalypso.com/produce/kd0v7lml0hi6gea393xmahjhcpuy9g Sensory Deprivation, 2016 https://www.junocalypso.com/produce/sensorydeprivation What To Do With A Million Years –  Tuesday in Eternity, 2018 https://www.junocalypso.com/2018/11/7/tuesday-in-eternity-2018 Subterrenean Kitchen, 2018 https://www.junocalypso.com/2018/11/7/2018/11/7/subterranean-kitchen-2018 Die Now Pay Later, 2018 https://www.junocalypso.com/2018/11/7/die-now-pay-later-2018 The Entrance, 2018 https://www.junocalypso.com/2018/11/7/the-entrance-2018 Thank you for listening!! This episode is sponsored by the Affordable Art Fair: @affordableartfairuk Follow us: Katy Hessel: @thegreatwomenartists / @katy.hessel Artwork by @thisisaliceskinner Sound editing by @_ellieclifford / @naomiabel Music by Ben Wetherfield
Talk Art
Talk Art
Russell Tovey and Robert Diament
Lauren Weedman
For the final episode of Season 7, Russell & Robert meet Lauren Weedman, best known for her standout role as Doris on HBO's television series Looking (alongside Russell!). As well as being a leading actress and comedian (not comedienne - as we discuss!!!!!!), one of her longterm passions is painting and making art. On her instagram @ThisOneIsTitled, started during lockdown, Weedman revealed 'The Quarantine Series' of unique figurative paintings, which she sells from $200 via Instagram and have become incredibly popular with collectors all over the world! As a self taught artist, including series where she makes one new work a day, we consider her link to Outsider and Outlier artworks but also explore her wide ranging artistic influences including Laura Owens, Tim Burton, David Lynch but primarily Edvard Munch and Van Gogh, whose authentic and emotional-charged works became even more important during her time spent living in Amsterdam. We also discover her love of London's very own National Portrait Gallery, in particular an installation she saw there of William Blake's death mask! Plus we introduce Lauren to the work of Grayson Perry and his recent 'Art Club' TV series which focused on ideas of creativity and the processes behind making art. Check out Lauren's paintings at her official website: www.LaurenWeedmanStudio.com which includes very cool videos of her discussing individual artworks! Follow Lauren's two Instagram accounts: @Lauren_Weedman and her art page @ThisOneIsTitled. You can watch Lauren & Russell in HBO's 'Looking' on Netflix, Amazon Prime or all good streaming services. Thanks for listening to Season 7! We will return on 4th December 2020 with a brand new Season 8, so fear not, we have another art-thrill-ride lined up for you!!! For images of all artworks discussed in this episode visit @TalkArt. Talk Art theme music by Jack Northover @JackNorthoverMusic courtesy of HowlTown.com We've just joined Twitter too @TalkArt. If you've enjoyed this episode PLEASE leave us your feedback and maybe 5 stars if we're worthy in the Apple Podcast store. Thank you for listening to Talk Art, we will be back very soon. For all requests, please email talkart@independenttalent.com   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 12 min
The Art Angle
The Art Angle
Artnet News
Re-air: The Rise and Fall of Anne Geddes, Queen of Baby Photography
The Art Angle team is taking this week off for Thanksgiving, but we thought we'd share one of our favorite episodes from the past year to see you through this unconventional holiday weekend. Picture this: a doughy, apple-cheeked infant nestled in between the soft petals of a dew-kissed flower, sound asleep, like the start of a real-life fable. Almost everyone who conjures that mental image will do so using a nearly identical aesthetic—and whether you realize it or not, that’s almost entirely because of the work of legendary baby photographer Anne Geddes. After her debut photography book, Down in the Garden, soared to number three on the New York Times Bestseller list in 1996, Geddes’s wholesomely surreal infant images became inescapable. Oprah went on air to declare Down in the Garden the best coffee-table book she’d ever seen, and by late December 1997, Geddes’s publishing partners had sold more than 1.8 billion (yes, with a “b”) calendars and date books of her photography for the upcoming year. Her dizzying success soon spurred the artist to ramp up production, with a standard Geddes shoot requiring six-to-eight months of planning and a budget between $250,000 and $350,000. But who could blame her for going big? Geddes’s empire of adorable infants seemed unstoppable. Cut to 2020, however, and the picture has changed dramatically—not just for Geddes, but for an entire creative economy driven by analog photography, print publishing, and the high barriers to entry formerly associated with both. Years after smartphones first began putting increasingly high-quality cameras in nearly everyone’s pocket, and Instagram began providing masses of self-trained shutterbugs a free and wide-reaching distribution platform for their images, it’s not hyperbole to say that the pillars on which Geddes built her career have crumbled. So what’s the Queen of Baby Photography to do when her kingdom becomes unrecognizable? Back in May, Andrew Goldstein chatted with Noor Brara, Artnet’s art and design editor, about her recent profile of Geddes. Together, they discussed the artist’s rise, fall, and reckoning with culture’s digital evolution.
26 min
WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press
WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press
Clare Press
Aja Barber - Catalysing Ethical Fashion Change
A note from Clare: Welcome to Series 5, Share the Podcast Mic. After everything that's happened this year, we wanted to shake things up and share the power of this beautiful platform with some of the BIPOC voices leading the conversation in sustainability and ethical fashion. So after this episode, I'll be passing the Wardrobe Crisis mic onto them. Each will interview a person of their choice.  Your guest hosts are some of the most exciting, dynamic, inspirational voices working in this space today - as are their guests. I couldn't be more grateful to them all for sharing their experiences with us, and being part of this project.  I'm excited to bring you this contextual episode with the brilliant sustainable fashion writer, activist and stylist Aja Barber, before I pass the mic on to her as our very first guest host next week. It's all up discussion today: from allyship (when brands get it wrong & how to get it right) to fashion billionaires; white fragility, the dreaded Karens, and coddling vs. discomfort. We talk about how the system is rigged but we have the power to change it. Aja's vision for a sustainable fashion future? Press play to find out. Find us at www.thewardrobecrisis.com Aja's on Instagram here. Follow her Patreon here. Can you help us spread the word about this series? Use the hashtags #sharethepodcastmic #wardrobecrisisguesthosts Insta @thewardrobecrisis@mrspress Twitter @mrspress   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
45 min
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