Love, sex and Parkinson's
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In this episode, we’re looking at the impact of Parkinson’s on dating, relationships and breakups.

Being in a relationship comes with its own challenges, and these can become even harder to navigate when Parkinson’s is thrown into the mix. When do you tell a potential partner about your condition? How do you handle symptoms that make it difficult to communicate, care or be intimate? Why do some relationships work while others fall apart?

In this episode, two guests join us to discuss the highs and lows of looking for love while living with Parkinson’s.

Our first guest is musician Robbie Tucker from New Brunswick, Canada, who was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s in 2005. Robbie ended a five-year relationship shortly before speaking with us – and is now figuring out how to be alone, but not lonely.

He is joined by Heather Kennedy, a writer and Parkinson’s advocate based in Northern California, US. Diagnosed in 2011, Heather says her condition contributed to the end of her marriage – but now appreciates new chances at love.

In this episode, Robbie and Heather discuss how Parkinson’s has impacted their approach to dating, the challenges they’ve faced in their relationships and their advice for others with the condition.

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