Lean Startup
The 5 Experiments You Need To Find Product Market Fit | Justin Wilcox
Jun 8, 2016 · 58 min
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Why is finding Product-Market Fit so overwhelming?

Because the tools available today leave us with more questions than answers.

In this hands-on, online workshop, Justin won’t give you more theory about why Product-Market Fit is important – he’ll show you how to find it.

In this preview of the workshop he’s running during this year’s Lean Startup Week, Justin will shift the way you think about Product-Market Fit from testing an overwhelming set of assumptions, to running an optimized set of just 5 experiments.

You’ll leave this workshop knowing:

The 5 experiments you need to find Product-Market Fit
Which experiment your startup needs to run next
How to run that experiment

Watch the video webcast here: https://youtu.be/FizgHbhNkDM
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