Mobile Development Career எப்படி இருக்கு? Latest என்ன? எப்படி படிக்கலாம்? | ft Parithi | அடிச்சாண்டா Appointment Orderu - Ep #35
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In this Special episode, We have a guest, Parithi who is a senior Mobile developer. We spoke lots of things about how is mobile development career now.

What we need to learn to become a mobile( Android/IOS developer). 

Introduction to mobile development (Android & IOS) in Tamil.

What are the interesting problems faced by Mobile Developers?  

How many people need to create and manage big apps like FB/Insta?

How can I switch my career to Mobile Development?

Can entrepreneurs use mobile development? and a lot of interesting questions.

App Development has changed over the past decade and continues to change in a faster way.

Mobile Application Technology is growing fast before we finish reading the latest book on App Development, what we learned is outdated Those days [2011-12], Android phones were not as widespread as nowadays. People used mobile phones- not smartphones, on their engineering projects using blue tooth with the android operating system they developed some applications, using the then existing android version 2.0 which is for mobile Application Development, and Android 3.0which is for Tablet Applications,

Now, a decade later, people prefer the term Mobile Developer or Software Engineer rather than Android Developer. Earlier, it was not possible to develop any mobile app without knowing a programming language. These days, working knowledge of spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel or Google Sheets along with ‘Amazon Honeycode is sufficient to develop applications, without having to learn a programming language. This makes development much easier.


You Can Read the full transcribe in the below blog.


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