PODCAST EP. 94: 11 Mistakes Pheasant Hunters Make
1 hr 7 min
Host Bob St. Pierre and Pheasants Forever Journal Editor Tom (Carp) Carpenter explore common mistakes pheasant hunters make and the remedies that will put more “roostery sags in your gamebag with long tailfeathers streaming out the side” this season.

Episode Highlights:
•	Drawing on Carp’s feature in the Fall Issue, Bob St. Pierre and the author explore 11 mistakes, missteps, and misconceptions that can leave a pheasant hunter’s gamebag empty.

•	The duo breaks down early season, mid-season, and late season tactics.

•	The author brings the host around to some of the advantages of midday hunting.

•	Did you know that “toodling” and “scouring” are good pheasant hunting strategies?

•	Why pheasant hunting should be more like big game hunting than a casual hike.

•	Sometimes no plan (other than trust your dog) can be the best plan of all.
Warden's Watch
Warden's Watch
Wayne Saunders
048 Scott Fischer - Arizona Game and Fish
Scott Fischer is an Officer with Arizona Game and Fish and also the director of the department's Operation Game Thief program. Scott and Wayne discuss the qualification for becoming an Arizona warden, Arizona's outdoor opportunities for big game outdoors men and women, and a few operations that Scott has been on trying to stop illegal drug trafficking. They also discuss how important the community is to assisting with illegal poaching through Operation Game Thief. Our Sponsors: Thin Green Line Podcast Copper Pig Brewery Hunt of a Lifetime Maine's Operation Game Thief NH Wildlife Heritage International Wildlife Crime Stoppers * Arizona Command Structure * Law Enforcement Program Manager * Wildlife Managers 92 State Wide * Voluntary Reporting at the End of the Season * Location, Permits, Time Frame Compliance * Higher Education Requirement in AZ * Qualifications for Arizona Game and Fish * Education Component * Background History, Abuse * Dream to Be a Game Warden * Pool of Law Enforcement Dwindling * Loosening the Reins for Applicants * Scientific Method Biology * 600 Applicants Down to 120 Today * Minimum Standard Physical Regs * Operation Game Thief * Coos vs Coues * Dispatcher to Officer * 2000 Sq. Mile District to Cover * Cactus and Agriculture * Playing Dumb Cop * Sticking to Lies * Cal Fish and Game and Wildlife * Wildlife Canine Handler * The Detail, Treat it Like a Homicide * Big Elk, Lottery Program * Mountain Lion, Deer Archery Over the Counter * Bear Season * Elk Over the Counter - Low Success * Shorts and a T-Shirt Hunting * Desert Mule Deer * Illegal Border Activity * High Human Traffic High Human Traffic * Cowboy Type, Let's Go Get Him * I'm in Good Shape, But... * Drug Runners are In Better Shape * 12 Illegals and a Big Load of Dope * Moose Case on International Lines * State Dispatchers are Life Lines * Arizona is Diverse * We Need the Public Thru Operation Game Thief Find More Here: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify Facebook Twitter Instagram Stitcher Tunein Libsyn Google Play YouTube RSS
1 hr 9 min
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