The Dirt Podcast
The Dirt Podcast
Jan 22, 2021
Bonus Ep: Five Stars' Worth of Fun with One Star Archaeology
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It's a bonus episode! Anna and Amber are joined by some of the wonderful folks at One Star Archaeology (Twitter: @1starchaeology, Instagram: @onestarchaeology) for dramatic readings of internet reviews of archaeological sites.


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The Hellenistic Age Podcast
The Hellenistic Age Podcast
The Hellenistic Age Podcast
058: Ptolemaic Egypt - Two Lands, Two Peoples, One Ruler
Throughout the three centuries of Ptolemaic control over Egypt, their dynasty can be best described as having a split identity. Ruling from Alexandria, the new intellectual and cultural capital of the Greek-speaking world, the Ptolemies were very much Hellenistic kings and queens. But Egypt was an ancient land, and they needed to come to terms with the pharaonic tradition that had dominated Egyptian life for the better part of 3,000 years. As the longest reigning dynasty in Egyptian history, the Ptolemies adopted the role and iconography of the pharaoh to great success. They were also capable of developing new ways to project their power, whether through the establishment and promotion of royal cults and new deities like Serapis, or incorporating the image of splendor and abundance as part of their propaganda. In this episode, we will see how the Ptolemies successfully legitimized their rule in the eyes of both Greeks and Egyptians alike. Show Links Episode Notes: ( Episode 058 Transcript: ( Pontifacts: Podbean ( Twitter ( iTunes ( Social Media: Twitter ( Facebook ( Instagram ( Show Merchandise: Etsy ( Redbubble ( Donations: Ko-Fi ( Amazon Book Wish List (
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