RBC Disruptors
RBC Disruptors
Sep 8, 2020
Genomics and the Bio-Revolution: A roadmap for Canada's economic recovery.
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It's a branch of molecular biology that humans have been harnessing for centuries, but has come to carry a negative connotation for many Canadians due to concerns about genetically modified organisms: Genomics.

A recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute suggests that as much as 60% of the physical inputs to the global economy could be produced biologically, with potential savings of up to 4 TRILLION dollars per year. And as Canada works to recover from the COVID crisis, bio-manufacturing is also being billed as a massive opportunity to address issues like the supply chain vulnerabilities revealed by pandemic, as well as our reliance on foreign factories.

On this episode of RBC Disruptors, host John Stackhouse sits down with two of the country's top experts on Genomics; Doctor Rob Annan, the President and CEO of Genome Canada, and Doctor Bettina Hamelin, the President and CEO of Ontario Genomics, to learn more about the opportunities presented by the so-called "bio-revolution". He also delves into the regulatory, economic, and ethical barriers that exist, and the risks of being left behind if Canadian entrepreneurs fail to embrace this potentially transformational change.

Show notes:

The McKinsey Global Institute's report on the Bio-Revolution can be found here:


John also references a previous episode of Disruptors featuring Canadian author Alex Lazarow, called "Beyond Silicon Valley: Why We Need a Global Playbook for Innovation," which was originally released on August 4th, 2020.

Stocktwits After Hours
Stocktwits After Hours
Stocktwits, Inc
Snap Sizzled. Netflix… Not So Much
Today on After Hours: Snap Sizzled Netflix… Not So Much Google Got Sued ___This podcast reflects only the opinions of the hosts and is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security either in a self-directed ST Invest LLC account or any other account, and is not an offer or sale of a security. The podcast is not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis for any investment decision. Before making decisions with legal, tax, or accounting ramifications, you should consult appropriate professionals and/or investment adviser for advice that is specific to your situation. All investments involve risk and the past performance of a security or financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. Keep in mind that while diversification may help spread risk, it does not assure a profit or protect against loss. There is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities or other financial products. Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing. The price of a given security may increase or decrease based on market conditions and customers may lose money, including their original investment. All third party information provided in this podcast is not intended to serve as the basis for any investment decision and does not reflect the views of ST Invest LLC, StockTwits, Inc., or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. Third party information referenced in this podcast has been obtained from sources that are generally deemed to be reliable, but their accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, Stocktwits, Inc., and its affiliates and subsidiaries assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of the podcast. The use of or reference to third-party information in this podcast shall not be construed as an endorsement by or affiliation with the third-party information providers or their services. This podcast should not be copied, distributed, published or reproduced, in whole or in part. If you have any comments or questions, please contact rrosenberger@stocktwits.com
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Value Hive Podcast
Value Hive Podcast
Brandon Beylo
How To Write A Great Investment Thesis & More w/ Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund
This episode is brought to you by TIKR. Join the free beta today at TIKR.com/hive. They're constantly releasing new updates that make the platform better including a new Business Owner Mode that hides share count, market cap and enterprise value. I couldn't be more excited to partner with TIKR. Morgan Housel is a man that needs no introduction. He's a NY Times Bestseller, prolific writer for Collaborative Fund and great conversationalist. I'm still amazed I was able to swindle him into joining the podcast this week. As a writer, I've wanted to chat with him and pick his brain about his writing process, how he thinks about new topics and the power of reading.  Morgan and I spend an hour discussing investment philosophy, the power of writing and what makes a great investment thesis. This was arguably my favorite and most challenging podcast to plan. I struggled with the question, "What do I ask the man that's been asked every question under the sun?"  Well, here's how it turned out:  * [0:00] Who is Morgan Housel? * [1:32] Most Challenging Parts of Writing a Book. * [7:45] Investing Psychology * [14:10] Topics that Haven’t Been Written About in WW2 and in Finance. * [19:50] Becoming a Writer * [28:00] How to Write an Investment Thesis? * [30:00] Examples of Good Investment Theses: Dandelion Energy & Beyond Meat * [34:00] The Reasons Behind Complex Business Models * [39:00] How to Look for Ideas. * [45:00] Writing is a Thinking Process. * [48:00] How Has Writing Changed Your Life? * [50:00] Closing Questions: What Writer Would You Like to Write Your Biography? This episode is a testament to scratching my own itch. Asking questions because I wanted to know the answer, not because I thought it would make for a great podcast. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.  Thanks again to Morgan for coming on the show. If you want to learn more about Morgan, check out the following links:  * Morgan Housel on Twitter * The Psychology of Money  * Collaborative Fund
55 min
Below the Line with James Beshara
Below the Line with James Beshara
James Beshara
#55 — Turning The Tables — James Gets Grilled (w/ChaseFeiger)
"The most exciting new podcast in the startup world.” - Eric Ries, Founder, and NYTimes bestselling author Links referenced in this episode: + Get your free Endel subscription: _https://code.endel.io/?code=BELOWTHELINE_ + Forbes Magic Mind Article: _www.forbes.com/sites/chasefeiger/2020/08/24/how-this-entrepreneur-moved-from-software-to-create-silicon-valleys-new-morning-elixir-magic-mind_ + The Multi-path Career (essay by James Beshara): _https://jjbeshara.com/2020/05/25/the-multi-path-career/_ + The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win by Steve Blank: _https://www.amazon.com/Four-Steps-Epiphany-Steve-Blank/dp/0989200507_ + The Holocaust of Attachment: _https://www.amazon.com/Holocaust-Attachment-Swami-Parthasarathy/dp/9381094195_ I have a different type of episode for you today. Today's episode is with Chase Feiger, who's a contributing writer at Forbes. He is a founder himself; he's built multiple companies, and he is also an investor of a handful of really brilliant startups as well. After he wrote a Forbes piece on me and Magic Mind last month, he asked if he could flip the tables and interview me for the podcast as a follow up to the article. At first, I was not a fan because the whole point of the podcast is for me to glean insights from other people, and then share them with you all. But there was a practical reason that it made sense to me — and that is to share more about what it has been like beneath the surface on starting another company when I told my wife three years ago, “never let me ever start anything again”... and to share what has changed in those three years. Chase is very kind, super smart, and he's a great interviewer — It's what makes him a great writer at Forbes. It was interesting to have the microscope turned on to me for the episode. I hope it's not too boring, and I hope this slight departure from typical programming is somewhat interesting for you. You can email James questions directly at askbelowtheline@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @ _twitter.com/gobelowtheline_ — “Below the Line with James Beshara" is brought to you by Straight Up Podcasts LLC.
2 hr
Invest Like a Boss
Invest Like a Boss
Sam Marks & Johnny FD
158: Peter Mallouk Talks The Path with Tony Robbins
Peter Mallouk is the President of Creative Planning, named the #1 Independent Financial Advisory Firm in America by Barron’s (2017). Barron’s magazine named Peter the #1 Independent Financial Advisor in America three straight years (2013, 2014, and 2015). CNBC named Creative Planning the #1 Independent Wealth Management Firm in the United States on the only rankings the network ever released (2014–2015). Peter is featured on Worth magazine’s 2017 and 2018 Power 100 rankings, a list featuring the 100 most powerful men and women in global finance. In 2017, Peter was a recipient of the Ernst & Young Central Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Creative Planning provides comprehensive wealth management services to high-net-worth clients, including investment management, financial planning, charitable planning, retirement plan consulting, tax planning, and estate planning services. Creative Planning currently manages nearly $50 billion for clients in all fifty states. Reach Out to Peter Mallouk * Creative Planning * Twitter * Facebook Listen to ILAB 158 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: * Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG @johnnyfdk * Sam Marks – South Carolina / IG @imsammarks * Derek Spartz – Los Angeles / IG @derekradio Sponsor: * Indeed * Support Invest Like a Boss: Join our Patreon Discussed: The Path: Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom is Peter Mallouk & Tony Robbins' Regardless of your stage of life and your current financial picture, the quest for financial freedom can indeed be conquered. The journey will demand the right tools and strategies along with the mindset of money mastery. With decades of collective wisdom and hands-on experience, your guides for this expedition are Peter Mallouk, the only man in history to be ranked the #1 Financial Advisor in the U.S. for three consecutive years by Barron’s (2013, 2014, 2015), and Tony Robbins, the world-renowned life and business strategist. Mallouk and Robbins take the seemingly daunting goal of financial freedom and simplify it into a step-by-step process that anyone can achieve. Like these investments? Try them with these special ILAB links: * ArtofFX – Start with just a $10,000 account (reduced from $25,000) * Fundrise – Start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK) * Betterment – Get up to 1 year managed free * Wealthfront – Get your first $15,000 managed free * PeerStreet – Get a 1% yield bump on your first loan *Johnny and Sam use all of the above services personally. Time Stamps: * 8:22 – Why the New Book? * 9:26 – Why was it necessary to include “the 6 human needs” in the book? * 14:06 – Why do people have financial success but still are not happy? * 15:57 – What still drives you to grow your business? * 17:14 – How did you get started and how did you meet Toni? * 24:47 – What are your thoughts on the All Seasons portfolio? * 29:03 – What are your thoughts going forward with the US Stock market? * 31:08 – How are you personally invested? * 32:30 – What are the advantages of using your company as opposed to going directly? * 34:42 – How do you feel about crypto currency? * 36:52 – What does financial freedom look like? * 38:56 – Johnny and Derek Recap If you enjoyed this episode, do us a favor and share it! Also if you haven’t already, please take a minute to leave us a 5-star review on iTunes and claim your bonus here! Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. Read our disclaimer here.
48 min
Modern Value Investing with Sven Carlin
Modern Value Investing with Sven Carlin
Sven Carlin
My 5 Core Stock Market Investing Beliefs
This channel has passed 70k subscribers, I thank you for that. I wished to share the fundamentals of this investing channel by sharing my 5 core stock market investing beliefs: - the markets are not efficient - the efficient market hypothesis doesn't really work in the long-term and is something we can take advantage of. - long-term attitude - everybody is so focused on the short term and not on the long-term but the long-term really matters. Of course you can't forecast what will earnings be in 5 years, but you can forecast what will be the competitive advantages, the growth, the fundamentals, the risk etc. A long-term perspective tells you what will likely be the better investment in 5 years, that is all you need. - value or growth? Why not both? Growth is an essential part of value! - Research, research and research - the more stones you turn, the more ideas you can find that the market doesn't even see because it is myopic. - Hyperbolic discounting - everybody wants to double their money in two 3 years - if you want to double your money in ten years, you have an advantage and you will likely double it in 5, buy you must keep targeting doubling it in ten, not five. that is crucial. Want to know more about what I do? https://goo.gl/MQG2k5 Full-time independent stock market analyst and researcher! STOCK MARKET RESEARCH PLATFORM (analysis, stocks to buy, model portfolio) Stock Ideas and Analyses for The Small Investor: https://goo.gl/GdKEoe I am also a book author: Modern Value Investing book: https://amzn.to/2lvfH3t More at the Sven Carlin blog: https://svencarlin.com/ Check out Modern Value Investing YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/InvestwithSvenCarlinPhD
18 min
Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS
Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS
471. News: Klarna face backlash & Killer Mike launches a bank to support black businesses
Our expert hosts, Sam Maule and Kate Moody, are joined by some great guests to talk about the most notable fintech, financial services and banking news from the past week. This week's guests include: Alice Tapper, Founder and Author - Go Fund Yourself Gwera Kiwana, Ops Analyst - 11:FS We cover the following stories from the fintech and financial services space: Killer Mike’s new Black owned bank receives ‘tens of thousands’ of account requests in less than 24 hours (03:54) Klarna’s email that prompted data privacy and security backlash (17:00) Former Barclays execs to launch digital bank (29:11) Square invests $50m in bitcoin (37:00) Soundbite Simon Taylor, 11:FS Head of Ventures (37:55) FCA turns the screws on compliance in work-from-home environment (44:06) Coronavirus can survive up to 28 days on paper banknotes (55:37) This podcast is brought to you by Jack Henry Digital (https://hubs.ly/H0w__kt0) the pioneer and creator of personal digital banking that helps community financial institutions strategically differentiate their digital offerings from those of MegaBanks, BigTechs and FinTechs. _ This podcast is also brought to you by Mitek (https://bit.ly/2VXQy3o)(NASDAQ: MITK). Mitek is a global leader in mobile capture and digital identity verification solutions built on the latest advancements in computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Mitek’s identity verification solutions enable an enterprise to verify a user’s identity during a digital transaction, which assists businesses operating in highly regulated markets to reduce financial risk and meet regulatory requirements while increasing revenue from digital channels. Financial services, marketplaces and other organizations around the world use Mitek to reduce friction creating the digital experiences their customers expect. Mobile Deposit® and Mobile Verify® are used by millions of consumers for check deposit, new account opening and more. The company is based in San Diego with offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris and St Petersburg. Learn more at www.miteksystems.com. The banking business model is broken. The question is, how can we rebuild it? Embedded finance presents a massive opportunity for banks to play a new role in the financial services ecosystem, offering more revenue streams, lower costs and higher margins. Our new report, Better banking business models: embedded finance and the path to growth, is a must-read for banks considering the smartest next step. Head to bit.ly/bankingasaservice to download the report for free. Fintech Insider by 11:FS is a podcast dedicated to all things fintech, banking, technology and financial services. Hosted by a rotation of 11:FS experts including David Brear, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates and Sarah Kocianski and joined by a range of brilliant guests, we cover the latest global news, bring you interviews from industry experts or take a deep dive into subject matters such as APIs, AI or digital banking. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and please leave a review Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/fintechinsiders where you can ask the hosts questions, alternatively email podcasts@11fs.com! Special Guests: Alice Tapper and Gwera Kiwana.
1 hr 5 min
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