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Stab Podcasts
Sep 17, 2020
Stab CUSP: Mike Gets Publicly Chastised By Veteran CT Surfer
Play • 59 min
The written word apparently still has a pulse, as a few unkind refrains on led to CT veteran Adrian 'Ace' Buchan calling out CUSP co-host Michael Ciaramella on Instagram this week.
The Erik Anders Lang Show: Golf - Travel - Comedy
The Erik Anders Lang Show: Golf - Travel - Comedy
Starburns Audio, Erik Anders Lang
Ep 208: Michelle Wie
We once again take a trip down memory lane of Erik's podcast with none other than the 2014 US Open winner and all-round superstar, Michelle Wie. Erik and Michelle have a candid conversation about golf, fashion, food, and more. Michelle also answers some great fan questions. MICHELLE WIE/// Instagram: @michellewiewest Twitter: @MichelleWieWest For more golf content, be sure to follow along on RANDOM GOLF CLUB/// Web: Instagram: @randomgolfclub Twitter: @randomgolfclub Facebook: ERIK ANDERS LANG/// Web: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: WHOOP/// Web: Social: @whoop JONES SPORTS CO/// Web: Social: @jones_sports_co PRECISION PRO GOLF/// Web: Instagram: @precisionprogolf Twitter: @preprogolf TAYLORMADE GOLF/// Web: Social: @taylormadegolf VICE GOLF/// Web: Instagram: @vicegolf Twitter: @vice_golf EXPRESS VPN/// Web: Instagram: @expressvpn Twitter: @expressvpn BETTERHELP/// Web: Instagram: @betterhelp Twitter: @betterhelp FEETURES/// Web: Instagram: @feetures Twitter: @Feetures THERAGUN/// Web: www.theragun,com Instagram: @theragun Twitter: @theragun MACK WELDON/// Web: Instagram: @mackweldon Twitter: @mackweldon LINKEDIN/// Web: Instagram: @linkedin Twitter: @LinkedIn STUART KERR /// PRODUCER Social; @stuartlkerr Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 11 min
Noob Spearo Podcast | Spearfishing Tips, Stories and Interviews
Noob Spearo Podcast | Spearfishing Tips, Stories and Interviews
Isaac 'Shrek' Daly
NSP:146 Josh James The Kiwi Bushman
Interview with Josh James The first interview of 2021 had to be awesome so I got Josh James Kiwi Bushman on the show! He has a frothing following on YouTube where they create motivating and inspiring short films with a hunting and fishing and family flavor. All of the videos feature Josh's friends and family and the abundant wild food that surrounds them in New Zealand. If you are into Catch and cook, bushcraft, hunting, gathering, spearfishing, fishing, archery, and New Zealand culture, you will love his channel . He's a self professed good vibes and positive vibrations kind of guy. Enjoy this episode! Listen in and subscribe on iOS or Android Important Times 04:00 Josh James Introduction and Background 12:40 What parallels have you found between hunting on land and hunting in the water? 13:30 Bow Hunting (Recurve vs Compound) 16:30 Spearfishing in the South Island of New Zealand 20:45 1080 Situation in New Zealand 28:15 How to Grow a YouTube Channel 29:55 When did you start fishing and spearfishing? 31:40 What were some of the obstacles you encountered when you started spearfishing? 34:15 Muppet's on YouTube | Dealing with the Comments, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 39:25 Josh's Spearfishing Equipment List 45:50 What is on your spearfishing species dream list? Links Mentioned + Promotions Josh James Kiwi Bushmen Connect with Josh on , and Noob Spearo Partners and Discount Codes . Use the code NOOBSPEARO save $20 on every purchase over $200 at checkout – Flat shipping rate, especially in AUS! – Use the code NOOB10 to save 10% off anything store-wide. Free Shipping on USA orders over $99  | Simple, Effective, Dependable Wooden Spearguns. Use the Code NOOB to save $30 on any speargun:)  Use the code NOOBSPEARO to save $25 on the full Penetrator Spearfishing Fin Range. 28-day Freediving Transformation | Equalization Masterclass – Roadmap to Frenzel | Free Courses | Freediving Safety Course | How to Take a 25-30% Bigger Breath!  | The 5 minute Freediver | Break the 10 Meter Barrier – Use the code NOOBSPEARO to save $  | ‘Spearo Dad’ | ‘Girls with Gills’ | ‘Jobfish Tribute’  Subscribe to the best spearfishing magazine in the world. International subscription available! . Listen to 99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing
52 min
The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast
The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast
Mike Powell
TPM Episode 208: Kim Reichhelm, Pro Skier
Before people were talking about women in skiing, Kim Reichhelm was the woman in skiing. From racing on the US Ski Team, to filming with Greg Stump, to creating the K2 women’s program, Kim has been ahead of her time and she’s done things in a way that only she can pull off. On the podcast, we talk about losing toes, making the US Ski Team, getting kicked off the ski team, and becoming the first woman of extreme skiing….It’s another DO NOT MISS Episode with a living legend. Kim Reichhelm Show Notes: 3:00: Injury, Menopause, Covid and 13:00: Losing her big toe, dyslexia, and crushing it on the playground and horseback riding 18:00: Privilege, Skiing, and SMS 22:00: Stanley: Get 30% off sitewide with the code drinkfast Glade Optics: Use the code TMP10 for 10% off 10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone 24:30: Seeking her dad’s approval, winning races, and making the team 30:30: What sucked about the US Team, getting kicked off the team, and not making the Olympics 40:30: Peter Glenn Ski and Sports: Keeping it real for over 60 years Elan Skis: 75 Years of Good Times 42:30: Bad attitude with college, turning it around for an NCAA Championship, and classes and internships that made a difference 49:00: The pro tour, behind the mic, and finding a rad crew in Tahoe and proving herself 57:00: The challenges of filming, Extreme skiing contests, Crested Butte and gender 65:00: Inappropriate Questions with HP Featherman 67:00: Weedmaps Question of the Day and Ad
1 hr 13 min
Inside Curling
Inside Curling
Kevin Martin, Warren Hansen
39: Special Guest: BC Skip Corryn Brown, Off to the Scotties Again
This week, we're joined by Kamloops skip Corryn Brown, former Canadian Junior Champion, whose team will represent B.C. at the Scotties for a second straight year. We find out about Corryn, her family curling roots, what's going on with her, her team's practice regimen, and changes she'd like to see in the sport. Corryn also jumps in on our discussion about junior curling and changing the qualification strategy. Also, some possible solutions on how we elongate the junior season, which ends so darn early. Warren has all of this week's curling news, including a COVID-19 update, the status of the bubble events in Calgary and more. Kevin talks more about outdoor curling rinks, including which top Canadian players have built their own ODRs to keep up with their training, plus more on the sport Crokicurl. We discuss how the under-25 curling crowd is loving mixed doubles and what everyone loves about Skins Games. Warren tells us a little about the Turner Curling Museum in Weyburn Saskatchewan. Kevin discusses how our national championship needs to stop excluding some of the top teams. For example, if Canada's top 3 ranked teams all happened to be from Alberta, why would you let only one Alberta team compete at the Brier or Scotties? And imagine being one of the top performing teams in the history of your university, yet getting almost no financial help for the school...
1 hr 17 min
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