The Urban Yogi Podcast
Gary Logan & Rob Grover: Quantum Shamanism, Mushroom Journeys, Heart Love vs. Penis Love #22
Sep 28, 2018 · 1 hr 9 min
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Rob Grover and Gary Logan Following a highly successful career as a professional in the corporate world, Robert decided to live into his life purpose as a Spiritual Guide and Quantum Shaman. He experienced an awakening in the early part of his career that facilitated a deep knowing that there was more to his life than his career in earth sciences, a career that he had eagerly pursued since his youth. Scientist turns Spiritualist ​Robert applies an innate depth of understanding of the complex relationships that shape the earth, with fourteen years of intense study, training and mentoring in the spiritual and personal development arena to help people transform their lives by fostering an awareness of abundance, gratitude and the miracle of being human. This miracle allows us to connect to our soul's remembering and use our thinking mind to so we can clear and develop our quantum field for exponential focused growth. By doing so we gain access to unfurling the genius within to live into unlimited possibilities, take empowered action and achieve extraordinary results. Reconnect to Your Soul's Remembering Gary is an extremely vibrant and passionate Alexander Technique teacher and demonstrates amazing patience and understanding with all of his students. He has an innate talent to initiate a life-long growth process that enables students to discover an in-depth development of themselves. Gary is known for his generosity, humour, a kind heart and tenacious creative energy. He actively integrates these qualities into his practice.
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