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Jesus, Cacao, & Quantum Technology: Modern Day Shamaness Kathie Scott #3
Jun 23, 2018 · 1 hr 15 min
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Kathie Scott is devoted to the healing arts. After a fun filled 20+ years in the Vancouver media, encompassing 10 years on-air as CKLG Morning Zoo’s Traffic Reporter Samantha, years of film and TV appearances including a dance with John Travolta, Kathie left the Zoo April 22 of 1991 with the LIVE broadcast of her daughter’s - with Morning ZooKeeper Dean Hill - birth. It was the largest audience they’d ever drawn and was the last big ratings for AM radio, as pop music migrated to FM. Kathie’s journey into the healing arts began with sobriety on February 2nd, 1997. Exploring the wounds that drove the alcoholism of generations was just the beginning. In 2006 she, and newly wed husband Paul Scott, resurrected an annual retreat from Paul’s past, and “Living Vision” seeded a Vancouver community that is still branching out from those roots today. Devoting their lives to every level of awakening sobriety - physical, emotional and spiritual - has been their focus. As Quantum Touch Instructors they have facilitated over 70 workshops together in the last 7 years and hundreds of healing circles. They’ve created Anahata - a Chakra Meditation combining aspects of Quantum Touch, ancient Indian Meditation techniques learned at the Oneness University in India and Breathwork - and facilitate a monthly Cacao Journey. For the Equinox, September 2017, they held a Cacao Journey for 240 people at the Vancouver Planetarium - probably the biggest cacao journey to date on the planet! Their love of Awakening extends to technology and they’re amongst the top representatives for Swiss Bionic Solution’s PEMF device (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) and visited the SBS manufacturing offices in Germany and Switzerland in 2016 to see first-hand how these high-end, Health Canada Certified (HC certified to reduce aches and pains and increase blood circulation) PEMF devices are made from the ground up. As Metaphysical Ministers they take great joy in officiating weddings!
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