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8 Steps to a Badass Presentation with Simon Severino
Nov 27, 2019 · 17 min
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Link to Article: 8 Steps to Nailing a Presentation – Simon Severino | STRATEGY SHOW How do you start unexpected and finish unforgettable in your presentations? Your host, Simon Severino, talks through 8 steps Strategy Sprints uses when presenting. Let us know what you do when preparing for a presentation! Quotes: “Keynote principle: If it seems boring to you, your audience is asleep.” Simon Severino (0:26) “Let the keynote material find you, by installing filters early.” Simon Severino “Start unexpected, finish unforgettable” Simon Severino (1:00) Show notes: THE EIGHT STEPS (0:40) 1 Marinate (1:49) 2 State (4:30) 3 Path (7:00) 4 Booster (8:09) 5 Start (10:29) 6 Composition (11:35) 7 Pre-Stage (14:27) 8 Stage (15:33) Get EXCLUSIVE CONTENT and GIVEAWAYS delivered: --►Email Service: [] --►Facebook Group: [] How to stop procrastinating? How to train prioritization skills? Which are the best productivity techniques to prioritize tasks and projects? The STRATEGY SHOW is where entrepreneurs meet to discuss productivity tools, time management techniques and growth hacking with the most fascinating lead generation companies and their champions in marketing strategies, time to market and customer experience. Your host, Simon Severino - [] --- ▼ NEW AT STRATEGY SHOW? WATCH THESE: ▷ How to increase Focus, Freedom and Flow - The Strategy Sprint - [] ▷ GTD: Smart Project Management Techniques – David Allen & Simon Severino - [] ▷ Improve Your Website - Simon Severino | STRATEGY SHOW [] ▼ FOR MORE EUREKA MOMENTS: Find out more about STRATEGY SHOW and receive free weekly tips & tools from successful experts about how to transform your business model, increase productivity and initiate change ▷ SUBSCRIBE to our channel - [] ▷ Newsletter & free tools - [] ▷ Podcast - [] ▷ Website - [] ▷ Online forum – where game changers help each other grow - [] ▼ STRATEGY SHOW The STRATEGY SHOW discovers how successful game changers develop their business strategy and create positive change. Find out what they are currently creating - [] Want to know more about our team & services? Contact us! [] Music: Dixxy - afternoon bike ride
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