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David Allen and Simon Severino on Focus, Freedom and Flow
May 22, 2019 · 58 min
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Join our Exponential Productivity Course for a FREE 14 day trial! This week’s guest David Allen explains his definition of freedom and how the GTD methodology creates awareness of the things that really matter. It is also discussed how important authenticity and accepting the reality are in both company and personal contexts. Regarding the topic of procrastination Allen points out how a cleaned up backlog and accepting the situation helps to make clear and cognitive decisions. David Allen gives insight on his definition of having a situation under control and how gaining focus and changing the perspective makes it possible to overcome procrastination. He reflects on how essential committing to and trusting in a project was when he accomplished the GTD methodology. The discussion touches on the subjects of having confidence about creativity, managing opportunities to improve productivity and identifying what projects matter the most. David Allen also opens up about his perspective on media competence and the importance of setting boundaries and priorities when it comes to calibrating media usage und handling information.
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