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Jul 15, 2019
#23: Mette Skjaerbaek – Concrete Tips For Natural Health & How To Choose Skin Care Products
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How do you select a skincare product? I am often quite confused when looking at different products. Which ones are really the ones without all the bad chemicals? I would love to hear how you navigate that jungle? I was lucky that I got a chance to talk with a real expert on the subject. Mette Skjaerbaek who is not just an expert but also extremely warm and pleasant person gave some insight on the subject as well as concrete tips for natural health. For as she says skin products are only one part of the puzzle. Mette's deep knowledge comes from being the founder and creative director of a pure, natural and active skincare brand from Copenhagen, Karmameju where they work with a top scientist. She was intrigued by natural health at a very young age and took up a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health. She also worked as a model for ten years, starting out when she was just 16 years old. On today’s episode, Mette shares her near-death experience that changed her life and how she started and builds Karmameju. Mette goes into what she does to stay healthy every day, why she uses sunscreen sparingly and how she prepares her family’s morning smoothie. She also shares, among other things, the relevant questions to ask when choosing the skin care products and how to test it out. Tune in and get Mette’s absolute best health and beauty tips. Find the episode on or in your podcast app under Growth Island “I believe that if you stay open and reach out and meet the world with a sense of kindness and curiosity, so many good things will come to you.” - Mette Skjaerbaek Want to hear more from the Growth Island podcast? Subscribe here! Time Stamps: 01:20 – Mette’s background; being a model for 10 years, her turning point and how she got into natural health 05:26 – What is natural health and Mette’s 3 main focus points 11:35 – Mette’s near-death experience and how her life changed and started Karmameju 14:10 – Growing her company, developing skills and focusing on skin care 17:38 – How to know whether a product is organic or not and questions to ask when selecting skin care products 23:20 – An important issue on sunscreen products that everyone should know 26:55 – Key factors in choosing a brand to trust, why skin care is important even for men and what you should do before buying any skin care products 31:00 – Mette’s 80/20% lifestyle – on taking care of the inside of the body, detoxing, oils, and making a balanced diet 39:45 – The smoothie with many names – why Mette started making them and what she puts in it 43:35 – Karmameju’s belief on beauty and skin care, why weeds are good for you plus how Mette prepares her smoothie ingredients 48:58 – All about pH – the importance of maintaining the skin’s pH value and Karmameju’s breakthrough product to help achieve it 56:00 – Why she put proofs like research and study on their website for the consumers to see 1:00:09 – Mette’s key essentials of a happy life FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS FROM METTE: Hydrate Sleep Breathe RESOURCES MENTIONED: Truth In Aging Environmental Working Group (EWG) How to Dry Brush the Body How to Dry Brush the Face CONNECT WITH METTE SKJAERBAEK: Instagram – Mette Instagram – Karmameju Skin Care Facebook – Karmameju Skin Care Youtube – Karmameju Skin Care CONNECT WITH MADS MISIAK FRIIS Website - LinkedIn - Instagram - Join Mads and the uplifting community of Growth Island as you search for strategies, tools, and blueprints for a meaningful life!
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