Growth Island
Growth Island
Dec 15, 2018
#7: Michael & Johannes – 3 simple tricks on how to break habits which are backed by science
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Michael Auchenberg is a health entrepreneur and Human Physiologist and Johannes Hoseth is a Design Psychologist. Michael co-founded Tiba which helps people break habits and Johannes works with the behavioral design in Tiba to help individuals break habits. They share very concrete and easy implementable techniques on how to break and build habits. Shownotes: 1.40: Why habits are important 3.30: What habits consist of 6.00: How to work with habits 6.48: Simple way to break a habit or craving 7.35: Easy trick to eat less 9.00: The importance to stop and notice feelings when habits occur 10.54: The Marshmallow experiment 11.03: Is willpower a limited resource or not 14.30: One way to build habits 15:00: Building one or many habits at the same time 17.15: How long does it take to build a habit 19.00: Implementation strategies for habits 21.38: The power of reminders and ques for habits 23.00: Trick to watch less Television 27.10: The story behind Tiba. and how it works 32.00: How you can get involved in a habit study with Tiba. 34.05: Earlier study results from Tiba. Links to selected resources: - Breaking ‘bad habits’: a dynamical perspective on habit formation and change: - The Neuroscience of Goals and Behavior Change: - A Multilab Preregistered Replication of the Ego-Depletion Effect: Final recommendations from Michael and Johannes: Be curiously aware, take time to notice, and experiment Links to Michael and Johannes:
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