Growth Island
Growth Island
Oct 21, 2018
#3: Daniel Espeland - Why you should start eating mushrooms today
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Daniel Espeland is a biohacker and mushroom expert. He is a food entrepreneur and now works on food innovation with which supplies several millions meals a year to companies in Denmark and Holland. Daniel shares his vast knowledge about mushrooms in this episode and ends up sharing his top biohacking routines. Shownotes: - Why Daniel got interested in mushrooms. 2:10 - Why you can get a headache from eating the Button mushroom uncooked. 6:30 - Where to get good mushrooms and which ones to eat. 8:28 - How to get the most out of mushrooms. 10:54 - What a fungus is. 12:13 - Why some mushrooms are so good. 13:25 - The mushroom that has close to 10 times the amount of antioxidants as the Acai berries. 16:00 - The mushroom that helps with epilepsy, migraine or after concussion. 20:00 - The mushroom for improving sleep. 21:47 - What mushrooms that are useful as powder, extracts and which ones you need fresh. 22:15 - Where to learn more about mushrooms. 26:13 - Daniels routine. 29:20 Links to selected resources: Four Sigmatic: Interview with Paul Stamets: The book Mycelium Running: Recommended Mushrooms: Oyster mushroom Chaga mushroom Lion's mane mushroom Shiitake mushrooms Maitake mushroom Turkey tail mushroom Reishi mushroom Links to people mentioned: Paul Stamets: Ryan Holiday: Mother Ocean: If you just bought one mushroom then Daniel recommends: Oyster mushrooms Links to Daniel: More info at
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