Episode 151: Witches
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this week we r talkin' about witches! different lore of witchcraft from different parts of the world, and what the socio-economic impacts of those stories had!

ALSO talkin' about witches and witchcraft in pop culture - and hating on alyssa milano LOL byeee

we all stan Brooklyn, Zoë's familiar.

theme music as always by brandon payton-carriilo
Delete Your Account Podcast
Delete Your Account Podcast
Delete Your Account
Episode 189 - Homewreckers
Roqayah is off this week, so Kumars is joined from the top of the hour by returning guest cohost Shanti Singh along with René Christian Moya, California-based housing rights activists extraordinaire, for a deep dive into Proposition 21, the statewide rent control expansion up for popular referendum in next week’s elections. Shanti, who is based in San Francisco, is a leader in DSA SF’s Housing Committee, the former deputy data director for the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign in California, and currently serves as the legislation and communications coordinator for the statewide renters' rights group Tenants Together. René is based out of Los Angeles, formerly of the LA Tenants Union and is the Campaign Director for the Yes on 21 campaign. René, Shanti, and Kumars begin by outlining the looming eviction crisis which has already begun thanks in part to the Trump administration’s so-called moratorium at the federal level. René, who was last on the show discussing Prop 10, the previous iteration of Prop 21, explains how the new ballot measure differs in terms of specifics, and why the political situation is more favorable than in the 2018 midterms. The gang talks about the real estate industry’s $70 million, Republican-aligned campaign to defeat the proposal as well as Prop 21’s biggest backer, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. They round out the conversation on a positive note, discussing Shanti’s work with the elderly residents of SF’s Midtown Park Apartments, who just concluded the longest rent strike in the city’s history. Follow René on Twitter @rcmoya84 and find out more or get involved in the final push, visit yeson21ca.org. You can follow Shanti on Twitter @uhshanti and Tenants Together @tenantstogether and learn more about how you can support their work at tenantstogether.org. If you want to support the show and receive access to tons of bonus content, subscribe on our Patreon for as little as $5 a month. Also, don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review the show on Apple Podcasts. We can't do this show without your support!!!
1 hr 14 min
The Ex-Worker
The Ex-Worker
CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective
#79 – The *Real* Truth About Today’s Anarchists: The Ex-Worker Responds to the New York Times
Anarchists and anti-fascists in general, and CrimethInc. in particular, have been the focus of intense hostile government and right-wing attention and censorship efforts in recent weeks. The latest salvo comes from the New York Times, which on June 30th published “The Truth About Today’s Anarchists,” drawing on conspiracy theorists and right-wing talking points to argue that violent anarchists are somehow controlling the ongoing countrywide protests, but don’t actually care about Black lives. The article actually calls out The Ex-Worker Podcast by name! While we’re flattered for the attention—who knew we were such a threat?—the article is both inaccurate and dangerous; more importantly, it touches on critical issues about today’s movements for liberation that we need to clarify. So in this episode, the Ex-Worker lays out the truth about “The Truth About Today’s Anarchists”, refuting the article’s bogus claims one by one, and offering a more accurate perspective on the relationships between anarchists and the ongoing movement to end white supremacy and police violence. We conclude with an audio version of an article we published with Agency in June called This Is Anarchy: Eight Ways the Black Lives Matter and Justice for George Floyd Protests Reflect Anarchist Ideas in Action. This episode challenges the myths and distortions about anarchism offered across the spectrum from Trump to the New York Times to provide insight into what anarchists today are really fighting for. {October 5, 2020} -------SHOW NOTES------ * Table of Contents: * Introduction {0:01} * The Truth About ‘The Truth About Today’s Anarchists’: The Ex-Worker Responds to the New York Times {6:21} * This Is Anarchy: Eight Ways the Black Lives Matter and Justice for George Floyd Protests Reflect Anarchist Ideas in Action {40:52} * Conclusion {1:02:15} * This episode focuses on our response to the wretched New York Times opinion piece “The Truth About Today’s Anarchists” by Farah Stockman. We published our rebuttal the following day as “The Truth About ‘The Truth About Today’s Anarchists’: The Ex-Worker Responds to the New York Times.” Our colleagues at It’s Going Down have published a lengthy thread going into many of the specific problems with amateur conspiracy theorist Jeremy Lee Quinn’s reporting (which is Stockman’s main source) in detail, if you want to dig deeper. For a laugh, you can also check out the appallingly bad Network Contagion Research Institute report “NETWORK-ENABLED ANARCHY: How Militant Anarcho-Socialist Networks Use Social Media to Instigate Widespread Violence Against Political Opponents and Law Enforcement”—which Stockman also uncritically promotes. * To offer a different perspective on anarchist participation in the Black Lives Matter rebellions of the past months, we’ve also included an audio version of a piece co-published with Agency back in June, “This Is Anarchy: Eight Ways the Black Lives Matter and Justice for George Floyd Protests Reflect Anarchist Ideas in Action.” * To read our own account of how the uprising spread and why the authorities themselves were chiefly responsible for the widespread adoption of confrontational tactics, check out the CrimethInc. article “Snapshots from the Uprising.” If you want to know more about what anarchists believe and desire, start with To Change Everything: An Anarchist Appeal. * On Facebook’s decision to ban and censor anarchist pages, including CrimethInc.’s, check out our response, “On Facebook Banning Pages Associated with Anarchism, and the Digital Censorshop to Come.” Also check out the open letter of support signed by hundreds of publuishers, journalists, educators, and activists to show solidarity. * Also check out media projects like It’s Going Down, who’ve also been under heavy fire from the right wing, as well as The Final Straw, Rebel Steps, and all the other excellent podcasts from the Channel Zero Network. * You can find a reference to CrimethInc. around {2:50:46} during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence”, during testimony by one Kyle Shideler, a staffer for the Center for Security Policy—an anti-Muslim hate group, according to watchdog organizations, moonlighting as experts on violent left-wing extremism. * For more information on Black anarchism, check out Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin’s Anarchism and the Black Revolution, the recent Anarkata Statement, Vanessa Taylor’s excellent Mic.com article “How Black Anarchists Are Keeping the Protest Movement Alive,” and the recent AK Press books As Black As Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation by Zoe Samudzi and William Anderson and *Anarcho-Blackness: Notes Toward a Black Anarchism by Marquis Bey. * For an articulate portrayal of exactly why government elites and right-wing authoritarians feel so threatened by us these days, check out the recent essay “Why Anarchism Is Dangerous.”
1 hr 6 min
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