Are You A Paper Chaser? // Are You Chasing Money or Your Purpose? // Paper Chasers // Michael Todd
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In the first week of our new series, Paper Chasers we were posed with the question, “Are You Chasing Paper?”  Despite what the world tries to tell us, money is not the answer to our problems; God is always the answer to our problems! We learned that we are either a Paper Chaser or a Purpose Chaser. Which one are you? Make sure and check out this message and share it with a friend!

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0:00 - Intro
17:35 - Proverbs Chapter 11 Verse 24
19:40 - Debt Statistics
20:15 - Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Verse 12
22:52 - Matthew Chapter 6 Verse 33
25:24 - MONEY Should Never Be The Focus, It Should Be The Fruit
29:25 - Are You A PAPER CHASER?
32:12 - You Are Either A PAPER Chaser or A PURPOSE Chaser
36:18 - Luke Chapter 16 Verse 10
38:18 - Spirit Of Mammon Is A Belief The We Don’t Need God If We Have Riches
40:15 - Mammon Promises Everything ONLY God Can Deliver
45:20 - Just Because You Have Experienced PROSPERITY Does NOT Mean You Are In PURPOSE
48:10 - Proverbs Chapter 19 Verse 21
49:16 - The Paper With No Purpose Is POINTLESS
50:47 - PAPER Follows PURPOSE
53:37 - Luke Chapter 12 Verse 24
54:50 - Job Chapter 38 Verse 41
55:37 - 1 Kings 17 Verses 2 through 6
58:14 - Matthew Chapter 4 Verses 18 through 22
01:00:01 - It’s Going To Take CRAZY FAITH To Be A PURPOSE Chaser
01:02:14 - Mark Chapter 10 Verses 17 through 27
01:04:55 - God Is NOT Concerned With POSSESSIONS, He is Concerned with PRIORITY
01:08:07 - Would You Be Willing To Part With The POSSESSION To Follow PURPOSE?
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