Ep. 060: What If Nothing's WRONG 🎧 The Fitness Matters Podcast With Pahla B
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We’re jumping🏃🏼‍♀️ right into things today, my friends, by asking ourselves one simple question:  WHAT IF NOTHING’S WRONG?

It’s the beginning of a new year, and many of us are motivated by what is possible in the coming months. SETTING A GOAL is downright exciting🎊!  But what may be challenging is figuring out how to get there🤷🏼‍♀️.

In today’s podcast, we’re chatting about the art🎨 of starting where we are RIGHT NOW.  But what if you perceive a problem with your status quo?  Can that affect your feelings of worthiness and value?  Can a perceived problem actually keep you from GETTING YOUR GOAL🤔?

I’m covering this FASCINATING TOPIC today and inviting you to take a second look at those perceived (👈 this is the key word!) closed doors🚪 in your life and take steps to gently open them.

A world🌍 of possibilities awaits!

Join me now in this 20-minute🕗 podcast and discover how different your life can be when you take the pressure off yourself and learn to reframe🖼 your thoughts about what is “wrong.”  It’s easier than you think!

Ep. 043:  The Real PROBLEM:  https://youtu.be/y0GqaFNgy6E
Ep. 059:  Planning for SUCCESS:  https://youtu.be/niF1TLe0v7s
Get Your GOAL Coaching + Accountability:  https://pahlabfitness.com/get-your-goal/

TELL ME:  What if nothing’s WRONG?  What will you do and create for yourself this year?
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