Ep82: Andrew Farnum on Medicines From Unusual Traits
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Andrew Farnum, CEO of Variant Bio, on drug discovery based on rare genetic traits.
DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast
DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast
Kira Dineen
#139 Dani Shapiro on her Donor Conceived Discovery
Enter the our “Inheritance” book giveaway on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Author Dani Shapiro joins host Kira Dineen to discuss her instant New York Times best selling memoir, Inheritance, which is being adapted into a film. Her other books include the memoirs Hourglass, Still Writing, Devotion, and Slow Motion, and five novels including Black & White and Family History. She teaches writing workshops around the world, including Columbia, New York University, and the Sirenland Writers Conference in Italy. Dani is a fellow podcaster in collaboration with iHeartMedia to host Family Secrets. An Apple Top 10 podcast, the series features stories from guests who—like Dani— have uncovered life-altering and long-hidden secrets from their families’ past. Her show is also being adapted to the screen! She lives with her family in Litchfield County, Connecticut. On This Episode We Discuss: Premise of her memoir Inheritance  Understanding DTC (Ancestry/23andMe) test results using GEDmatch First reaction to finding out her father was not her biological father Discussing non paternity with family and friends Tools and methods to track down her biological father Approach to contacting her biological father  Egg/sperm donation in the 1960s Altering family health history  Advice for those considering DTC testing  Don’t forget to enter the book giveaway for a copy of Inheritance! Further details on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out Dani’s iHeartMedia podcast, “Family Secrets”. You can learn more about Dani Shapiro on her website and keep up with her through her Instagram.    Stay tuned for the next new episode of DNA Today on February 5th! New episodes are released on the first and third Friday of the month. In the meantime, you can binge over 140 other episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, streaming on the website, or any other podcast player by searching, “DNA Today”.   See what else we are up to on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our website, DNApodcast.com. Questions/inquiries can be sent to info@DNApodcast.com.
Finding Genius Podcast
Finding Genius Podcast
Richard Jacobs
Hardwired for the Impossible: Human Performance Tools with Steven Kotler
Do you think that intense, beneficial states of flow are only for extreme athletes? Not true, says Steven Kotler. In fact, we all have the tools for this process that leads to human performance optimization. He discusses his new book about human performance impact factors, offering key steps in this conversation. Listen and learn * How an experience while recovering from Lyme disease led him to the phenomenon of flow and corresponding research, * Why certain acts trigger states of flow and what is the most common “interpersonal flow” in business environments, and * How to engage in specific flow-state triggers and how to access resources for more formal human performance improvement training. Noted author and speaker Steven Kotler has written thirteen books, nine of which are best sellers. Two of his books have been nominated for the Pulitzer prize. He’s the executive director of the Flow Research Collective and, along with his wife, is cofounder of a hospice and special-needs center for dogs. He’s written a new book called The Art of Impossible, and shares its inspiration and seminal ideas with listeners. He’s quite a storyteller and the journey that led to his human performance improvement research is quite a story. It all started with a friend forcing him to surf after suffering months from Lyme disease. Despite extreme hardship and debilitation, he went with her that day and it changed his life: he experienced the phenomena of a “flow state.” He tells listeners, how, why, and what happened next. He also emphasizes that flow states are achievable and have concreate access points. It’s all about getting our biology to work for us, he says. In fact, flow states have 22 triggers, and he describes some of these human performance improvement steps. But the major idea to understand, he emphasizes, is that “flow follows focus.” The ability to carve out that atmosphere and time to focus is central to human performance and limitation. He discusses methods to schedule your day to achieve this focus and describes mindsets that might hinder flow states, such as an expert mindset that might disallow open thinking. Finally, he adds that he’s trained people and groups on these techniques. His new book focuses on “turbo-boosting the equation.” For more about these trainings, see flowresearchcollective.com. Available on Apple Podcasts: apple.co/2Os0myK
50 min
Sustainability Defined
Sustainability Defined
Jay Siegel & Scott Breen
*UPDATED* Ep 32: Reversing Global Warming with Paul Hawken (Project Drawdown)
Happy 2021, Definers! This month we have an update to one of our most popular episodes ever. We interviewed Paul Hawken of Project Drawdown back in June 2018. For those unfamiliar, Project Drawdown is a non-profit focused on helping the world reach “Drawdown,” which is the future point in time when the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline. The need to reach Drawdown is as important as ever, so we thought it would be a good episode to revisit to start the year. Before playing the original episode, we provide an update on Project Drawdown’s many activities since we interviewed Paul, including releasing Drawdown Review 2020 that has a new framework for the most impactful activities to reach Drawdown and starting Drawdown Labs to engage the private sector. We’ll be back next month with fully new episodes of Sustainability Defined. In the meantime, have a wonderful start to the new year and enjoy this episode! ----------------------------- SustainabilityDefined is the podcast that seeks to define sustainability, one concept (and bad joke) at a time. Hosted by Jay Siegel and Scott Breen. Each episode focuses on a single topic that helps push sustainability forward. We explain each topic with the help of an experienced pro, place it within our organizational tree, and help our listeners define what exactly sustainability is, episode by episode. We have divided our organizational tree into the following seven sectors: Energy Cities Natural Environment Transportation Business Policy Social Each episode is categorized under one of our sectors and visually depicted within our organizational tree. The more episodes we complete, the more the tree will visually define what exactly sustainability means. www.sustainabilitydefined.com
1 hr 5 min
New Foundations
New Foundations
The Economist Intelligence Unit
The New Old
Increases in life expectancy and declining fertility are driving growth in both the number and proportion of older people globally. Some fear that ageing populations will put ever greater pressure on health systems, social care, housing and public finances. But should we be thinking differently about ageing? Is there an opportunity in a so-called silver economy? In this episode we explore how technology can support people to age better while reducing the burden on health systems, how longer lives call for a reimagining of our economy and society, and how frontier science is finding ways to further lengthen our life spans. With The EIU's Jeremy Kingsley and Elizabeth Sukkar, Andrew Scott from The London Business School, Lorenzo Chiari from the University of Bologna, and Michael Hufford, chief executive of biotech firm LyGenesis. This podcast is supported by Pictet Wealth Management and includes additional commentary from equity strategist Alexandre Tavazzi. Disclaimer: The findings and views expressed in the podcast are for information only and are not intended as an offer or solicitation or any legal, tax or financial advice. Whilst efforts have been taken to verify the accuracy of this information, neither The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd., nor its affiliates, nor the Pictet Group can accept any responsibility or liability for the use of, or reliance by any person on, the information contained in this podcast. The findings and views expressed in the report do not necessarily reflect the views of the Pictet Group. The content of this podcast is not intended for persons who are citizens of, domiciled or resident in, or entities registered in a country or a jurisdiction in which its distribution, publication, provision or use would violate current laws and regulations.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
26 min
Supply Chain Now
Supply Chain Now
Supply Chain Now
Nobody Does Supply Chain Alone: Hannah Kain, President & CEO of ALOM
In this episode of Supply Chain Now, as part of the Full Access series powered by Capgemini, Scott, Greg, and special co-host Cyndi Lago welcome Hannah Kain to the podcast. Hannah Kain is President and CEO of ALOM, a global supply chain company she founded in 1997 headquartered in Fremont, California. ALOM operates out of 19 global locations to support its Fortune 500 customers in the technology, automotive, medical, financial, and energy sectors with brand enhancing supply chain management services and solutions. Hannah was born in Denmark where - in addition to a business and political career - she taught at Copenhagen Business School. Hannah holds three university degrees. Hannah is a current board member of the National Association of Manufacturers, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and WBEC-Pacific. She is the board chair of How Women Lead, Silicon Valley, serves on the Advisory Council of Heritage Bank of Commerce and is a member of the exclusive invitation-only Committee of 200 for executive women. She has received numerous awards for her supply chain, leadership and diversity activities. Among her 2020 recognition: Business Insider named her one of the top 100 people transforming business. For the sixth year in a row, Hannah was named a Supply Chain Pro to Know. She was recognized as one of the top 10 women in logistics, and she won the inaugural SDCE Women in Supply Chain award in September 2020. Among her prior awards, 2019 WBEC-Pacific Pinnacle Award, 2017 Gold Woman of The Year Stevie, and the 2017 Silver Stevie for best global woman-owned business. She has been honored as a Top 25 Champion of Diversity in STEM, won the Manufacturing Institute STEP Ahead Award, the YWCA Tribute to Women Award, inducted into the Silicon Valley Capitol Club wall of fame, won the global Vistage Leadership Award, and named a WBENC Business Star. Upcoming Events & Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Subscribe to Supply Chain Now and ALL Supply Chain Now Programming Here: https://supplychainnowradio.com/subscribe Leave a review for Supply Chain Now: https://ratethispodcast.com/supplychainnow Connect with Scott on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/scottwindonluton/ Connect with Greg on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/gswhite/ Connect with Cyndi on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cyndi-lago Connect with Hannah on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahkain/ Supply Chain Now Ranked #3 Supply Chain YouTube Channel: https://tinyurl.com/yazfegov Download the Q3 2020 U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index: freight.usbank.com/?es=a229&a=20 Watch the Replay of The Connected IoT Supply Chain: https://supplychainnow.com/the-connected-iot-supply-chain Check Out News From Our Sponsors: U.S. Bank: www.usbpayment.com/transportation-solutions Capgemini: www.capgemini.com/us-en/ Vector Global Logistics: vectorgl.com/ Verusen: www.verusen.com/ This episode was hosted by Greg White, Scott Luton, and Cyndi Lago. For additional information, please visit ur dedicated show page at: https://supplychainnow.com/episode-551.
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