What the Health?
What the Health?
Oct 29, 2020
As COVID Cases Spike, White House Declares Pandemic Over
46 min
Former President Barack Obama says President Donald Trump is “jealous of COVID’s media coverage.” Indeed, Trump has complained at his rallies, attended by mostly maskless supporters, about how the media covers the pandemic — at a time when cases are rising rapidly across the nation. Meanwhile, open enrollment is about to begin for the Affordable Care Act in a year when many people need coverage but the law’s future is not secure. Joanne Kenen of Politico, Tami Luhby of CNN and Anna Edney of Bloomberg News join KHN’s Julie Rovner to discuss these issues and more. Plus, Rovner interviews KHN’s Anna Almendrala about the latest KHN-NPR “Bill of the Month” installment.
The Law School Toolbox Podcast: Tools for Law Students from 1L to the Bar Exam, and Beyond
The Law School Toolbox Podcast: Tools for Law Students from 1L to the Bar Exam, and Beyond
Alison Monahan and Lee Burgess - Law School Toolbox, LLC
271: Listen and Learn -- Hearsay Exceptions: Present Sense Impression and State of Mind
Welcome back to the Law School Toolbox podcast! In today's episode, as part of our "Listen and Learn" series, we take a look at the differences between two highly-tested hearsay exceptions: present sense impression and state of mind. In this episode we discuss: * What are hearsay exceptions and how to quickly distinguish between them * The rules for present sense impression and state of mind * Analyzing several examples from Evidence essays involving hearsay * The importance of considering each statement the declarant makes * Local rules of evidence versus federal rules of evidence Resources: * Tutoring for Law School Success (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/tutoring-for-law-school-success/) * California Bar Examination – Essay Questions and Selected Answers, February 2012 (https://www.calbar.ca.gov/Portals/0/documents/admissions/CBXFeb2012_SelectedAnswers_R.pdf) * California Bar Examination – Essay Questions and Selected Answers, July 2009 (https://nwculaw.edu/pdf/bar/July%202009%20Essays%20and%20Sample%20Answers.pdf) * Examples & Explanations for Evidence, by Arthur Best (https://www.amazon.com/Examples-Explanations-Evidence-Arthur-Best/dp/1543807658/ref=sr_1_1?crid=259MHLEM346D7&dchild=1&keywords=evidence+examples+%26+explanations&qid=1597153893&sprefix=evidence+examples+%26%2Caps%2C264&sr=8-1) * Podcast Episode 215: Listen and Learn – The Commerce Clause (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-215-listen-and-learn-the-commerce-clause/) * Podcast Episode 218: Listen and Learn – Supplemental Jurisdiction (Civ Pro) (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-218-listen-and-learn-supplemental-jurisdiction-civ-pro/) * Podcast Episode 244: Listen and Learn – Negligence Per Se (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-244-listen-and-learn-negligence-per-se/) * Podcast Episode 245: Listen and Learn – Promissory Estoppel (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-245-listen-and-learn-promissory-estoppel/) * Podcast Episode 248: Listen and Learn – Introduction to Homicide (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-248-listen-and-learn-introduction-to-homicide/) * Podcast Episode 257: Listen and Learn – The “Reasonable Person” Standard (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-257-listen-and-learn-the-reasonable-person-standard/) * Podcast Episode 259: Listen and Learn – Relevance in Evidence (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-259-listen-and-learn-relevance-in-evidence/) * Podcast Episode 261: Listen and Learn – The Basics of Hearsay (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-261-listen-and-learn-the-basics-of-hearsay/) * Podcast Episode 263: Listen and Learn – Subject Matter Jurisdiction (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-263-listen-and-learn-subject-matter-jurisdiction/) * Podcast Episode 265: Listen and Learn – Constructive Eviction (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-265-listen-and-learn-constructive-eviction/) * Podcast Episode 267: Listen and Learn – UCC 2-207 (“The Battle of the Forms”) (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast-episode-267-listen-and-learn-ucc-2-207-the-battle-of-the-forms/) * Evidence 101 – A Quick Look at Upperclassmen Courses (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/evidence-101-a-quick-look-at-upperclassmen-courses/) Download the Transcript (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/episode-271-listen-and-learn-hearsay-exceptions-present-sense-impression-and-state-of-mind/) If you enjoy the podcast, we'd love a nice review and/or rating on Apple Podcasts (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/law-school-toolbox-podcast/id1027603976) or your favorite listening app. And feel free to reach out to us directly. You can always reach us via the contact form on the Law School Toolbox website (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/contact). If you're concerned about the bar exam, check out our sister site, the Bar Exam Toolbox (http://barexamtoolbox.com/). You can also sign up for our weekly podcast newsletter (https://lawschooltoolbox.com/get-law-school-podcast-updates/) to make sure you never miss an episode! Thanks for listening! Alison & Lee
17 min
MPR News with Kerri Miller
MPR News with Kerri Miller
Minnesota Public Radio
Clearing up confusion on potential COVID-19 vaccines, testing
After some promising results, Moderna is set to apply for FDA authorization of their vaccine today. Pfizer and BioNTech submitted their application earlier this month, making Moderna the second coronavirus vaccine candidate to seek emergency use authorization. A handful of other groups are in the process of planning or carrying out large-scale Phase 3 vaccine trials across the country. This progress is welcome news after the country reached 13 million confirmed COVID-19 cases on Friday. However, we’re not in the clear just yet. If and when a vaccine gets approved, there are several logistical hurdles that need to be cleared, like how to safely distribute the vaccine and which groups should be the first priority. * UI Health Care researcher How Stanley Perlman is advising federal agencies on a COVID-19 vaccine In the meantime, public health officials are pleading with people to limit contact with people outside of their household. MPR News senior reporter Catharine Richert spoke with two scientists about the latest guidance on testing, progress on vaccine candidates and our evolving understanding of COVID-19. Guests: * Dr. Stanley Perlman is a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Iowa and is on the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, which advises the FDA on the approval of COVID-19 vaccines. * Kumi Smith is an assistant professor in the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above. Subscribe to the MPR News with Kerri Miller podcast on: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or RSS
50 min
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