138: You’re doing better than you think you are!
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Ok, this is for those of you who want to believe this, or who feel like you can’t believe this: that you’re doing better than you think you are! And good news: I CAN PROVE IT! If you need to have some weight taken off your shoulders, some breathing room added back into your life, or a sigh of relief! Get cozy! This episode is here to help!

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About Progress
About Progress
Monica Packer
AP 314: How to Make Goals that Won't Kill You || Bonus Episode
It was only three years ago that I got back into goal-making (the right way) and that year it took me three months to even decide on them all. I've been on both sides of the all-or-nothing pendulum of attitudes towards goals, so I understand wherever you are. In this episode I'm teaching you how to make goals that won't kill you, with four reasons you're likely struggling and what to do about it. Through my experience, and through working with others, I've seen the mistakes we all tend to make when goal-setting. Whether or not you've made your yearly list, you can tune in to learn something that may surprise you. Set yourself up for success this year with my formula, it's easier than you are probably making it for yourself right now. About a few other things... The Strive Hive helps Progressors who are eager to take action and strive for daily progress access LEARNING, CHANGE, AND COMMUNITY, so that they can find more and lasting personal growth and fulfillment. Join us for weekly chats, monthly masterclasses, self development book club, accountability and more! One or two times a year I open enrollment to my small group coaching Progress Program, where we focus on transforming your body, mind, and spirit by combining mindset and action. If you're searching for your identity, feeling like you don't have purpose, then this group with will provide the guidance and accountability that you need. You can read all of the details here, as well as hear testimonials from former participants in their own words. Sign up for your spot in my FREE class, How to Make Habits that Stick, where I guide you towards narrowing in on your goals through habits. You can have more control and live with intention, and it starts here. Choose from 3 dates and times. See you there! Sign up for the Go Getter Newsletter to get Progress Pointers in your inbox every Thursday. SHOW NOTES * Enrollment is now open for my small group coaching Progress Program * Get your Monk Manual for 20% with code 'ABOUTPROGRESS' through January 31st * Join the FREE January Joiner Challenge * Sign up for the FREE Habits That Stick Class * Get the Organization Overhaul audio course * Join the monthly membership group * Get your first month+ FREE with Libsyn using code MONICA * Lend your voice and experience + be featured on the show HERE * Join Monica on Facebook and Instagram * Songs Credit: DRIVE by Dj Nicolai Heidlas @nicolai-heidlas Music provided by FREE MUSIC FOR VLOGS AND VIDEOS bit.ly/freemusicforvlogs
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3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms
3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms
Rachel Nielson
164: 3 Ways to Heal Your Relationship with Food this Year // Natalie Shay
For hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, January is the month of the new diet. I’m sure most of us have been there with a new year’s resolutions to cut out all sugar, do a Whole 30, or lose 20 lbs. If you currently have a new year’s resolution like this, that’s okay...I don’t want this episode to shame you or make you feel like you’re doing something wrong...I just want to give you additional perspective on ways you can care for your body that seemingly have nothing to do with food--and yet have everything to do with food. If you’ve listened to 3 in 30 from the beginning, you may know that I have a long history with eating disorders. It started for me when my mom was dying of cancer when I was in college, and I used harsh food restriction and excessive exercise to deal with my grief and try to find some control in my life. A few years later, when I was going through infertility, I started binge-eating, again trying to use food to numb my pain, but this time trying to shove it down through excess. After we adopted my son Noah, my disordered eating patterns only worsened due to the stress of new motherhood, and I knew it was time for me to seek some professional help. That is when I first started seeing a counselor, and I have been utilizing counseling as a tool to support my mental health fairly consistently in the almost ten years since. That’s a lot of therapy, and it has done me a WORLD of good.  My relationship with food and my body is still occasionally a struggle for me, but overall, I am in a completely different place than I was before I started counseling-- with so many more tools for emotional resilience, so much more perspective on the value of my body beyond just what it looks like, and so much more self-assurance in who I am. Today, I am thrilled to get to interview my favorite therapist I’ve ever worked with, https://www.instagram.com/natalieshayhealing/ (Natalie Shay.) Natalie is a registered psychotherapist in Canada who has also been trained in somatic work, mindfulness, and life coaching. She has specialized in working with binge eaters and emotional eaters for over 15 years and has supported thousands of people to heal their relationship with food and their bodies, including me! I have worked with Natalie for almost 5 years now, and I can’t wait to introduce her to you today! *** 3 ways to heal your relationship with food this year: Prioritize self-care.  Tap into your body and soul and ask, “What do you need?” A clue to what your soul needs might be how you feel before, during, and after an activity, so make sure you pause long enough to evaluate that. Start connecting with your physical body. Many of us spend the majority of time in our heads, and we may not even realize it. When we find ourselves outside of our bodies, we can bring ourselves back by jumping up and down, squeezing a pillow, running or walking, taking a hot bath or shower, breathing in essential oils, etc. And third and family, remember that food is not your enemy. Acknowledge the ways that food has supported you in times when you really needed it. Experiment with other coping skills that you might want to add to your emotional toolbox over time, without eliminating food altogether, so you have a nice variety in there. *** Show Notes Natalie’s Website: https://www.natalieshay.com/ (natalieshay.com) Natalie’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/natalieshayhealing/ (@natalieshayhealing) Natalie’s FREE https://www.natalieshay.com/ee-toolkit (Emotional Eating Toolkit) Natalie’s 10-week course: https://www.natalieshay.com/start-healing (Healing Emotional Eating) *** Related Episodes https://3in30podcast.com/?s=73 (Episode 073: A True Story of Answered Prayers: 3 Essays I Wrote in Therapy) https://3in30podcast.com/captivate-podcast/012-how-to-stop-being-mean-to-yourself-3-of-the-best-tools-i-learned-in-counseling/ (Episode 012: How to Stop Being Mean to Yourself)...
35 min
Mint Arrow Messages
Mint Arrow Messages
Corrine Stokoe
One Day at a Time
Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by looking at the future, or how to overcome a huge hurdle, or even how you’re going to make an inch of PROGRESS when you’ve got miles ahead of you? Today, we’re talking about the life-altering concept of “one day at a time” and why it’s absolutely vital in both addiction recovery and in spiritual progression. One day at a time is a true principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ and in all aspects of life. When you choose to make good choices and choose to live one day at a time, focusing on one small thing at a time and giving it your full attention, it’s amazing how you’re able to ACHIEVE more – not to mention the happiness it brings when you learn to TRUST God in handling the rest. If you’re looking to make changes in the NEW YEAR, this episode will walk you through some practical tips on sticking with it one day at a time. In this episode, you will hear: * What one day at a time means * What life looked like for Neil before living one day at a time feeling he never measured up to anything and projecting what he felt in the moment * Snippets of transformation when Neil started living one day at a time * Fear is a common element for people struggling with addiction. It's what anchors people in destructive behaviors. * Addiction is the symptom of an underlying problem, not the solution. * FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real * Neil’s daily practices living in recovery and living one day at a time * How the one day at a time concept can be applied to other things in life * Prioritizing things is important and spiritual connection is key. * How the principle helped Neil when a major life event happened and he was powerless * What it was like for me experiencing postpartum depression and how this principle has helped me through it * Thoughtful planning and preparation are key to a rewarding future. But we do not live in the future. We live in the present. It is one day at a time that we achieve our goals. * Letting go of fear, control, and expectations and surrendering everything to God Supporting Resources: “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” D. Todd Christofferson https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/d-todd-christofferson/give-us-this-day-our-daily-bread/ Subscribe and Review Have you subscribed to our podcast? We’d love for you to subscribe if you haven’t yet. We’d love it even more if you could drop a review or 5-star rating over on Apple Podcasts. Simply select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” then a quick line with your favorite part of the episode. It only takes a second and it helps spread the word about the podcast. Episode Credits Produced by Emerald City Productions
36 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast
The Collin Kartchner Podcast
Collin Kartchner
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - This is Your (Kid's) Brain on Video Games
Is your son/daughter playing video games a bit too much? Have you noticed changes in their attitude and behavior? Are you worried about what video games are doing to their developing brains and the impact that will have on their mental health and overall success in life?  According to Newzoo, gamers worldwide are expected to spend nearly $160 billion in 2020 on video games. Let that number sink in. Kids are becoming so addicted to video games today they are hurting family members or themselves when the games are taken away. I get texts from ER docs saying kids as young as 10 attempted suicide simply because mom took away Fortnite. We lost a 6th grader in the neighboring city to suicide last year because mom took the X-box away. These are NOT just forms of entertainment, and kids are NOT wired to regulate and slow down their gaming time. And the gaming industry is taking full advantage of this making billions. Parents need to be their kids' brakes, but maybe it's time to get really consider getting your kids away from these games for good. Today's episode I interview a pediatric neurologist Dr. John Condie to give us some serious wake-the-bleep-up information on what these videos games are doing to kids, why they're doing what they do to kids, and why it's way past time to break your kids free from the merciless clutches of that dang X-Box/PS4/DS. This is one of the most eye-opening interviews I have conducted on the podcast yet, something every parent and teenager should listen to. Now excuse me while I go scream into a pillow. #savethekids #ditchthevideogames ************************************************************************** *If you want to keep your kids safe and save their childhood from being stolen from a smart phone/social media apps, get your kid a Gabb Phone click *HERE* for pre-loaded discount or use "SAVETHEKIDS" in checkout. *Click **HERE** to watch Collin's TEDxSaltLakeCity talk from 2018. * To bring Collin to your school, community, company or conference to speak, email *heymichelle@savethekids.us *to get on his speaking calendar. * * Don't forget to *Subscribe* to *The Collin Kartchner Podcast* on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and coming soon to Amazon Podcasts and if you're enjoying the podcast, don't forget to leave it a 5-star review.
1 hr 4 min
First Name Basis Podcast
First Name Basis Podcast
Jasmine Bradshaw
3:10 The Untold Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
We have the opportunity to celebrate one of America’s greatest heroes this month, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During the month of January host Jasmine Bradshaw will help you learn about and understand the untold story of Dr. King and give you the tools you need to confidently teach your children about his life and his legacy. In this episode she covers: -His background and upbringing -His time in college/graduate school -How he came to be the spokesperson for the Montgomery Bus Boycott and then go on to be a prominent leader in the Civil Rights movement -His influence on the election of President John F. Kennedy -How he was viewed as a threat to the nation and investigated by the FBI -His philosophy of nonviolent resistance that carried him through and inspires us all Sign up for updates about Bite-sized Black History Bite-sized Black History is a program that empowers you to teach the little ones you love about 12 brilliant Black Americans that have been overlooked by our history books. Join the First Name Basis Patreon Community Make sure to join our Patreon Community to take part in our monthly Q&A sessions and download the detailed notes from this episode! First Name Basis Website Join us on Instagram The Radical King, edited and introduced by Cornel West* Podcast: Code Switch, Episode: The Original Blexit John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Phone Call that Changed History John F. Kennedy and the Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail MLK’s Speech Attracted Intense FBI Attention The Threatening Letter Written and Sent to Dr. King from the FBI Season 3 Song Credit: “Sleeper” by Steve Adams” and “Dive Down” by VYEN *Amazon Affiliate Link
42 min
The Virtual Couch
The Virtual Couch
Tony Overbay LMFT
Be a Guide, not the Hero: How to Model Empathy, Build Inner Wealth, and Put a Stop to Shame Based Parenting!
Are you in need of a parenting upgrade? Even from the most well-intentioned parents, our kids can still walk away from key parenting moments feeling shame, feeling alone, and often, even as we’re trying to teach life lessons, we more often than not end up not only missing an opportunity to show our kids that we’re truly there for them, but we miss key chances to model empathy, ownership of our own behavior and even deeper concepts of compassion, and standing confidently on their own two feet. In today’s episode we attack parenting more from a “what not to do” by referencing Christine Hammond’s article “Shame Based Parenting, A Narcissists Specialty” https://www.psychcentral.com/pro/exhausted-woman/2018/06/shame-based-parenting-a-narcissists-specialty#1 Tony also breaks down the differences of sympathy, empathy, pity and compassion by discussing Dr. Neel Burton’s article “Sympathy vs. Empathy” https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hide-and-seek/201505/empathy-vs-sympathy-Sign up at http://tonyoverbay.com to learn more about Tony’s upcoming “Magnetic Marriage” program!-This episode of The Virtual Couch is sponsored by http://betterhelp.com/virtualcouch With the continuing “sheltering” rules that are spreading across the country PLEASE do not think that you can’t continue or begin therapy now. http://betterhelp.com/virtualcouch can put you quickly in touch with licensed mental health professionals who can meet through text, email, or videoconference often as soon as 24-48 hours. And if you use the link http://betterhelp.com/virtualcouch you will receive 10% off your first month of services. Please make your own mental health a priority, http://betterhelp.com/virtualcouch offers affordable counseling, and they even have sliding scale options if your budget is tight.-Please subscribe to The Virtual Couch YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/TheVirtualCouchPodcast/ and sign up at http://tonyoverbay.com to learn more about Tony’s upcoming “Magnetic Marriage” program!-Tony's FREE parenting course, “Tips For Parenting Positively Even In the Not So Positive Times” is available NOW. Just go to https://www.tonyoverbay.com/courses-2/ and sign up today. This course will help you understand why it can be so difficult to communicate with and understand your children. You’ll learn how to keep your buttons hidden, how to genuinely give praise that will truly build inner wealth in your child, teen, or even in your adult children, and you’ll learn how to move from being “the punisher” to being someone your children will want to go to when they need help.-Tony's new best-selling book "He's a Porn Addict...Now What? An Expert and a Former Addict Answer Your Questions" is now available on Kindle. https://amzn.to/38mauBo-Tony Overbay, is the co-author of "He's a Porn Addict...Now What? An Expert and a Former Addict Answer Your Questions" now available on Amazon https://amzn.to/33fk0U4. The book debuted in the number 1 spot in the Sexual Health Recovery category and remains there as the time of this record. The book has received numerous positive reviews from professionals in the mental health and recovery fields.-You can learn more about Tony's pornography recovery program The Path Back by visiting http://pathbackrecovery.com And visit http://tonyoverbay.com and sign up to receive updates on upcoming programs, and podcasts.-Tony also mentioned his appearances this week on two podcasts, The Betrayed, The Addicted and The Expert with hosts Ashlyn and Coby, and Virtual Couch former guest Brannon Patrick where we discuss narcissism in detail and the challenges people face in relationships with narcissistic individuals https://www.betrayedaddictedexpert.com/podcast/episode/25d19bf1/is-narcissism-nature-or-nurture and The Millennial Member Podcast hosted by Emily Ensign where we discuss the topic of pornography, what helps with recovery, and what doesn’t https://www.buzzsprout.com/1072564/6209683-tony-overbay-pornography-and-recovery Tony mentioned a product that he used to take out all of the "uh's" and "um's" that, in his words, "must be created by wizards and magic!" because it's that good! To learn more about Descript click here https://descript.com?lmref=v95myQ
57 min
What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood
What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood
Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson
Fresh Take: Mirna Valerio Tells Us How To Find Our Fitness
Mirna Valerio is a runner, adventurer, speaker, and anti-racism educator. In this Fresh Take interview, Mirna tells us how she fell off the fitness wagon after becoming a mom, how that first mile went once she made herself lace up her running shoes again, and her path to becoming an endurance athlete since then. Even if we’re not all cut out to run 100 kilometers in the desert– or even want to– Mirna tells us why fitness is worth it, and how to reacquaint ourselves with fitness, no matter how long we’ve been out of the game.  “I believe in having the long view. Look, I'm still a big girl. I’m going to be a big girl. But my long view, my overarching goal, is long-term health and wellness. What am I doing to put long-term health and wellness in the bank for later? What am I doing today to ensure that I have long-term health and wellness?” We also discuss how we, as women, are entitled to name what we need– and how that well-timed help, especially when we ask for it, is the very thing that will allow us to get back up and keep running. Acknowledge how you're feeling. Give yourself some grace. Start today. Find Mirna on her website: https://themirnavator.com/ and at @themirnavator on Instagram and Twitter Catch Mirna’s winter workout on @thev1ve: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKCGndXj-oS/ and join the Fatgirlrunning group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fatgirlrunning-939724599403584 Here are links to some of the other things we discuss in this episode: Mirna Valerio for Self: Open Letter To Women Who Aren’t Putting Their Needs First https://www.self.com/story/mirna-valerio-open-letter-to-women-who-arent-putting-their-needs-first Kate Martin at Unheard LA: The Rescue https://www.thekatemartin.com/storytelling Caravaggio’s Conversion on the Way to Damascus  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_on_the_Way_to_Damascus * Leave us a rating or review in your favorite podcast app! * Join us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/whatfreshhellcast * Instagram: https://instagram.com/whatfreshhellcast * YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WhatFreshHellPodcast * Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/whatfreshhellcast * Twitter: https://twitter.com/WFHpodcast * questions and feedback: info@whatfreshhellpodcast.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
37 min
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