Social work with trans people
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In this episode, we discuss social work with transgender people.
The experts are Julie Fish, chair of social work and health inequalities at De Montfort University, Leicester, and Matty Donaldson, youth work and peer support coordinator at The Proud Trust, a charity that supports LGBT+ young people.

1:03 - 7:45: Julie and Matty discuss the definitions of key terms, including transgender, gender fluid and gender expression.

7:52 - 12:40: Julie and Matty explain some common misconceptions about what it means to be trans – eg that transition necessarily means changing the physical body to match one’s sense of gender.

12:53 - 26:30: The experts discuss types of discrimination trans people can face from social workers and social care services, whether the type of discrimination can depend on what age you are, and specific types of discrimination people can face in residential care services.

26:44 - end of the podcast: What does good social work with trans people look like? Julie and Matty provide some key practical tips.

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