Life of Sonship w/ Eric Gilmour (Season 2 Episode 15)
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[00:01:42] Eric Gilmour speaks of his book, To His Bride. The books purpose is to help people see God as the pursuer, as a groom pursues his bride. Eric talked of how hard this is for men, in particular, to grasp.

[00:03:28] Eric talked of sonship and the power of realizing we are His sons. He started by referencing 1 John 3:1 and talked of the power of sonship and love. He explained that it’s by His perfect love and on the perfect Son of God. This sonship and God’s love sets us free from sin and performance.

[00:05:38] Eric talks about being a father and his deep love for his children, even in imperfections. Using this analogy to help us understand God’s love and sonship.

[00:7:12] “Lord, I wonder if the sound of my voice to you melts your heart the way her voice (his daughter) melts my heart?” The Father responded using Matthew 7:11, “how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts.” “Sonship is freedom.”

[00:8:35] Eric shared his salvation story at the Brownsville Revival and his conviction of the outward fruit (don’ts, dos, evangelism). He started struggling with performance and legalism, but God used this to push him into a real, genuine relationship with God.

[00:12:30] “When Jesus is in focus, holiness is effortless. If Jesus is out of focus, holiness is striving and straining.”

[00:13:00] Eric shared a story of an older man praying in the car, worshipping Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit filled the car. “One ounce of adoration is worth tons and tons of effort/ striving.” The spirit of sonship comes when we experience the Spirit.

[00:16:50] Being connected and aware of His presence is the goal. Letting go of what we think should happen, but to realize that Jesus is everything in our times with Him. Our worries and fears melt away in Jesus’ presence.

[00:21:21] Awareness, Attention, Adoration

[00:22:44] Finding Purpose: 2 Chronicles 29:11 Stand before Him.

[00:26:10] Eric shared how there was a season where his focus was theology and not on God, wasn’t fellowshipping with Christ, but studying the Bible without God. Sin started to rise up. He warned of not neglecting the Fountain of Life or a desert, dry season will come.

[00:30:32 ] Lovesick was the result of seasons of desiring God, hungering for God. He was overwhelmed by God’s love. A longing for God.

[00:35:27] Advice to struggling believers or new believers: lock yourself in a room from morning till night and seek God. Don’t do anything else, but open your heart to God. Combat restlessness with worship. Be in His presence. Awareness of the Lord will grow.

[00:40:35] “Snuggle, don’t struggle.” Enjoy him, it’s not about performance, receive Him. Prayer.

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To His Bride: A Call to Be Brides

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