Fight for your Identity with Guest Tyler Frick (Season 2 Episode 8)
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In this episode of The Purpose Podcast, we feature Pastor Tyler Frick from The King's Company. Tyler is a husband, father, teacher, author, and many other things. This episode holds a lot of valuable information, including Tyler’s story of deliverance and steps to draw closer to your purpose.

[00:02.11] Tyler shares his journey in the dark spiritual realm, including calling up the dead and his addiction to meth. When Tyler felt like he had no other purpose, he found himself suicidal and depressed. He gave God an ultimatum, “God, if you don’t do something different from what I have experienced before in my relationship with you, then I will just kill myself.”

[00:05:06]  Once he cried out to God, Tyler was delivered from his depression, addiction to meth, and mental issues. This defining moment brought inspiration to impact others with his experience of transformation.

[00:06:31] Discussion on how to serve God when you have trouble seeking Him consistently and finding your purpose.

[00:10:08] Discussion on how Tyler trains students in The King’s Company and how you can apply it personally.

[00:11:19] Developing authoritative mindsets. What authority do you already carry that you can begin to walk in?

[00:15:40] Stepping out in your calling when you can’t find support from leaders.

[00:21:50} What is the Biblical definition of a pastor?

[00:27:21]  What is the solution to the lack of Biblical pastoring?

[00:31:23] Steps to take in developing your purpose (Be willing to fight for your identity)

Quotes From This Episode
“The world will train you to seek for something in yourself that you will never be able to find” [00:07:08]

"Life does not begin when we finally discover what is inside of us; we discover our purpose when we reposition our thinking off of us and on to Him." [00:07:30]

"If we are going to receive a legitimate ministry that flows from the ministry of Jesus, it’s going to look like Jesus."  [00:20:09]

"You will never efficiently disciple thousands of people if you only rely on one person and one twenty-minute sermon every week, it takes daily discipleship to shepherd the sheep." [00:24:13]

"Until believers begin to believe what God says they won’t step into their calling" [00:34:40]

"People will try to shut you down, sit you down, and to stop you, but I'm telling you to fight for your identity."  [40:37]

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