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Episode 51: Pauline Nordin - Lessons from 20 Years of Hard Training
Sep 4, 2018 · 1 hr 24 min
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The iconic fitness model and creator of The Fighter Diet reflects on her two-decade anniversary of moving heavy iron. She goes deep into her history, her recent struggles with injury, how she uses pot for recovery, and far more.


- Her first time going to the weight room, and the day she decided to become a bodybuilder (they're the same day)
- Her long journey to find the right way to eat
- How bodybuilding broke her heart
- "So, I decided I wanted to be like a Jack LaLanne, but in female form."
- "I like bodybuilding because you can't just buy it. And if you buy it you're going to lose it fast."
- Why bodybuilding is "the perfect anti-aging routine"
- Her 15-year buildup to a recent hamstring injury
- Why she is wearing her injury on her sleeve and discussing it constantly
- The challenges and fear that come with being on the shelf
- "I feel bad for my body in hindsight, like, "I had you lift 250 lbs. deadlifts with a torn hamstring. I'm sorry. I didn't know. You should have told me!"
- Why you won't find any naked pictures of her online
- Why she stages 12-week challenges, even though she knows you can't totally transform in that time
- Her thoughts on protein, carbs, and fasting
- The difference between cheats and treats
- How she became a believer in THC and pot for fit people
- How she controls her pot use, and keeps it in perspective
- Why she's opposed to vilifying sugar in particular
- Why most women need to focus on muscle before they lose weight

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