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Episode 42: Alpha M Tailored Aaron Marino
Apr 30, 2018 · 23 min
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Aaron Marino, better known by the title of his immensely popular YouTube channel Alpha M, comes by the offices to talk lifting, grooming, confidence, and his new fitness program, "Tailored: Six Weeks to Living Lean."


- How it all started: "I had a video camera and a big mouth."
- "My mom tells the story of me, first day of kindergarten, not wanting to go with wide-legged pants, so I wrapped a roll of scotch tape to make sure they were a little more tapered. I mean, this is how deep this goes."
- How being on YouTube has forced him to be a better person
- "Everybody thinks I'm a huge douche."
- "I really felt like in today's world, you need a different set of skills in order to sort of dominate and kick life's ass. And so I wanted to be one of the voices letting guys know that it's okay if you're not 'this.'"
- How ultimately, it all boils down to confidence
- How fitness was his "first love," and how he found it
- On competition: "The one day that you look your best, you feel your worst."
- "I love working out just by myself. Put my earphones in. It's a time for me just to kind of be by myself and do my thing."
- The essential life lessons that the gym taught him.
- His nutritional approach: A little bit of planning, a lot of healthy habits, and almost no counting

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