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Episode 37: Jason Poston on Global Fitness, Training, and Blood Sugar
Feb 19, 2018 · 54 min
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IFBB physique pro Jason Poston is busier than ever, representing the sport around the world and sharing the details of his training and life with his fans. He gives an in-depth look into his 17-year lifting history, how he broke into the fitness industry, his wild experience with becoming a type-1 diabetic at age 28, and how everyone could benefit from "eating like a healthy diabetic."


- The secret of gains: Egg McMuffins?
- Fitness (and Fitstagram) culture in Brazil
- Leg and butt training in Brazil: "Women are not afraid to lift heavy weight. They're doing heavy squats. You see a lot of them doing proper forced reps."
- The exploding Chinese fitness culture: " They're building their fitness world. You're going to see more bodybuilders, you're going to see better and better CrossFitters. You're going to see all sorts of better fitness people coming out of China."
- His initial disappointing experiences with his fitness heroes, and how it inspired him to be a better ambassador for his sport
- How Jason's mom provided him with his initial fitness and bodybuilding inspiration
- On Flex Lewis and Greg Plitt, and how they helped him figure it all out
- "I never wanted to be a competitor. I never really dreamt of it because I didn't think it was possible."
- His 17-year lifting quest: "This is a marathon. You have to be patient."
- On talking to people during his workout: "You could say, yeah, there's a time to focus, but there would be nothing to focus on if it wasn't for the fans. There would be no point. There would be nobody watching. The fans are always first in our small industry."
- 2011, the year he lost all his weight and discovered he had type-1 diabetes
- "They prescribed me insulin. I was walking down the hallway, and I felt amazing within like five minutes. They said, 'Go eat some food," and they told me exactly what to eat. I went downstairs, ate, and felt like I had energy for the first time in seven months."
- "I immediately gained 15 pounds back in one weekend. I got to, I remember, I was like, Alright, 160, here we go." One sixty then turned into 180. I gained 30 pounds back in 30 days." Six weeks later, he's back on the stage.
- "What was just a hobby and a way to live a new life with a disease, that work ethic, I think, and dedication, just helped me rise to the top."
- Why he got serious about YouTube vlogging: "Your best followers, your most loyal clients, your best friends, your best family are always the people who want to hear more."
- The secret to health and performance: "Eat like a healthy diabetic."
- How he radically changed his nutrition in response to his diagnosis
- His experience with ketogenic dieting: "It's a very taxing, detailed diet lifestyle… If you don't know what you're doing with keto, you could not like it. I think everyone should try it. Do it right, though."
- Why he misses in-person personal training
- His competitive future in classic physique

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