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Episode 32: Cassandra Martin - Physique-building by Old-school Lifting and... Construction Work?
Nov 27, 2017 · 33 min
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Cassandra Martin is known for serious muscles and heavy lifting on Instagram, but doesn't share much else in her posts. She and her husband Hunter stopped by to discuss how they train, how their work makes her stronger, and why she feels lifters should eat their way through a plateau.


- From cosmetology school to construction and bodybuilding
- "Construction is cardio, right?"
- Her diet (spoiler alert "I eat a lot of red meat")
- How long it took her to start seeing serious muscle gains
- The difference that beams and bags of concrete make in strength and muscle gains
- Her inspirations: Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, and "powerbuilding"
- "If you plateau, mostly, it's just diet"
- Her advice for women looking to discover what they're capable of
- The importance of self-talk
- Why she doesn't use captions or many hashtags
- "I just wanted my page to be a place for people to go it they're lacking motivation. I don't need to hear you talk, I just want to see you get after it and lift some weights."
- Her split, and how she structures her individual workouts
- How the way she dressed changed when she began adding serious muscle
- "Never be afraid to eat. I think that's the one thing I tell everyone."
- Her thoughts on onstage competition and "friendly competition"

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