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Propagate Ventures, scaling up agroforestry to every farm


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I had a long and very interesting conversation with Ethan, Jeremy and Harry, the co-founders of Propagate ventures. Our conversation ranged from chestnuts to crowdfunding and how to get more impact investors into the agroforestry space. As you will hear, we suffered from a bad internet connection which resulted in a lower sound quality. Sorry for that!

The reason to start Propagate:
For most farmers putting their money in tree-crops for a long term investment was too risky
Why is Propagate working with companies? They can bring purchasing power and with purchase agreements lower the risk of planting trees. Similar how Power Purchase Agreements have changed the solar industry and got large institutional investors onboard.

Example on how Propagate is working with a natural cosmetic company and their purchasing influence: Pre purchase agreements are key to allow to create some certainty for the farmers to put trees in the ground long term.

So what about retail investors? Propagate is very interested in retail investors but feels it is too early to start catering to them, despite the huge interest from consumers to invest.

Why are they so interested in them? “like corn which grow on a tree!”

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The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott
The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott
Charlie Arnott
Episode 16 |Dr. Ron Ehrlich | holistic dentist, environmental medicine man and regenerative farming advocate
Dr Ron Ehrlich is far from a conventional dentist. After a 'normal' initial training in dentistry, Dr Ron started to connect the dots between oral hygiene, the influence that diet had on the development of the body, over all human health and the health of the soil in which that food was grown. Charlie explores with Ron his journey into his holistic approach to dental care and how regenerative agriculture plays a critical role in providing the quality of food necessary to promote good health. Dr Ron also dives into the topic of 'environmental medicine' and how we can mitigate against various detrimental impacts of chemicals, toxins and electro magnetic frequency radiation. Dr Rons breadth of knowledge provides a compelling perspective on the importance of the connection between dental, human and environmental health. To start a dialogue and converse more about topics raised in this podcast, please visit The Regenerative Journey Podcast Facebook Group. Episode Takeaways The combination of biology, technology, psychology and freedom drew Ron to dentistry | There’s a huge amount of psychology and intimacy in dentistry | It’s a potentially very stressful environment for both dentist and patient with dentistry related vocations ranking 1,2 and 3 for the worst jobs in the world! | The mouth is connected to multiple organs and areas of the body not generally understood nor considered by the conventional dentistry fraternity | There are many parallels between holistic dentistry and regen agriculture in that it treats the causes not the symptoms, and focus on what one is in control of | Ron’s considered and non- confrontational approach to pushing the boundaries of dentistry has been very effective, reflected of one of his mantra’s ‘Get your house in order before being critical of others’ | Ruminant urine is a beautiful thing as it contains plant growth hormones and stimulates the production of plant based Pseudomonas syringae bacterium that floats up into the atmosphere and helps to seed rain! |Regen farming practices and outcomes are a no brainer for Ron who sits outside the agricultural world however is very connected to it via his patients mouths | 5 human stressors are environmental, emotional, nutritional, postural and dental | Gut, oral and soil biome are similar in that the more diverse these environments are the more healthy and resilient they will be | The resource isn’t the problem it’s the management of that resource that matters, there needs to be a holistic context for its management | Change will not come from government or professional organisations, they are slow to accept new ideas, they are protective of their own egos and reputations and they lack common sense | Environmental medicine is one of Dr Ron’s areas of study and advocacy - Only, approx. 5 % of environmental chemicals are formally tested | We are exposed to multiple chemicals over our lifetimes, 140,000 chemicals currently in the world increasing by 2-3,000 every year. We are also exposed to moulds, dust, and out gassing of chemicals |...and Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation could be to the 21 st century what lead in petrol and tobacco was to 20th century | Sleep is our built-in, non negotiable life support system, 7-9 hours a night. Tips for listeners regarding environmental toxicities * Check for mould dust mites bedding * No technology before or near bed * No electrical currents near bed Computers emit blue light which is in the ultra violet spectrum and impacts our melatonin levels | Building Biologists can help advise on the impacts of EMF in buildings. Links Dr. Ron Ehrlich – holistic health advocate, dentist, educator, podcaster and an internationally published author. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre – run in partnership with his brother Dr. Joshua Ehrlich Nourishing Australia Dr Ron helped found Nourishing Australia with Vicki Poulter, a NFP dedicated to healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy planet The Meter Man - A huge range of innovative farm, agricultural, horticultural meters, probes, instruments, tools and resources from David Von Pein The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ( ACNEM) in Victoria is a good place for health care professionals Low Tox Life Podcast – Alexx Stuart . For families and individuals looking for invaluable info.
1 hr 20 min
Soil Sense
Soil Sense
NDSU Extension
Educating the Next Generation with Ag Teacher Whitney Landman
Agriculture teachers are responsible for not only teaching agricultural principles to the youth of today but also for encouraging their experience in agriculture and to promote leadership in whatever field they choose. Whitney Landman joins us from Larimore High School in Larimore, North Dakota. Whitney teaches both junior high and high school classes starting with introductory classes and ranging all the way to ag mechanics and community development. “We always try to start with that intro level and exploring….so that we can bounce up into other concepts as well when they are older.” - Whitney Landman Beyond the classroom, Whitney is also the FFA advisor. Her students are encouraged to participate in career development events and leadership development events. These events promote public speaking, leadership roles, agronomy identification and business management skills. “The mission of agriculture education is to prepare students for successful careers and choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource system…..So my goal, and I think a lot of teachers’ goal as they lead the ag ed program, is that our students find a career that they love, whether that's in ag or not.” - Whitney Landman Whitney highlights the importance of hands on experience for her students and the significant impact that can have on her students' interest and concept understanding. She likes to see them “get active with the content” to encourage curiosity and excitement. Support from the NRCS helps her achieve these goals in allowing students to experiment with different soil health protocols including the effects of wind erosion and conventional tillage. She happily uses resources including local farmers to give her students more opportunity to see agriculture in action and learn skills they might not be able to gain otherwise. This Week on Soil Sense: * Meet Whitney Landman, an agricultural education teacher from Larimore High School in Larimore, North Dakota * Learn about the many classes her program offers to its students * Explore what she finds most effective for teaching new concepts to students * Hear about the many collaborations she has engaged in to give her students the most opportunity to learn Connect with Soil Sense: * _Soil Sense Initiative _ Soil Sense Podcast is hosted by _Tim Hammerich_ of the _Future of Agriculture Podcast_.
24 min
Regenerative Agriculture Podcast
Regenerative Agriculture Podcast
John Kempf
Updating Soil Analysis to Consider Microbial Influence with Rick Haney
Rick Haney is a renowned researcher at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the creator of the Haney Soil Analysis, an innovative extraction procedure to assess overall soil health and plant mineral availability. Today, John sits down with Rick to hear his story and discuss a future of agriculture centered around agronomic realities and biological processes. Throughout the episode, John and Rick cover a wide array of topics: * The journey Rick took to discover an improved system for analyzing soil health, eventually leading to the development of his namesake soil assay. * How Rick’s work and an emphasis on data can help growers save an average of $20 per acre in nitrogen applications. * Over-fertilization and what soil respiration says about the fertility of a field. * Rick’s battle with calibrations and the industry’s collective leaps in agronomic understanding since the 60’s. * The work of Dr. Richard Mulvaney, namely the Illinois Soil Test, and how it compares to Haney’s soil nitrogen report. * The shortcomings of mainstream agronomic research and the power of “listening to nature.” * The importance of using water and biological activity as the gauge of soil mineral release rather than acids and extractants to judge soil mineral content. * Why many growers are routinely able to reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorus inputs. * The importance of looking at real yields rather than soil test data as the sign of a well-functioning fertility program. * The power of embracing new developments in ag research and the future of in-field sensors.
1 hr 3 min
Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream
Marc & Tricia Leach
Living 24/7 with your spouse or family, peacefully
Before we hit the road fulltime, one of our biggest concerns was how we were all going to get along in a small space. After all, it wasn't exactly easy in a large home when the kids were in school and we had plenty of time apart. In this podcast, we both come to the table with three ideas that may help you when traveling or getting through quarantine! To participate in the conversation, go to https://www.keepyourdaydream.com/111/ Topics discussed: * The Golden Rule does not apply to relationships * What are you bringing to the table? * Have important conversations about what you need, when you don't need it! * Creating personal space even when space is limited * Have a premeditated plan for how you will respond to avoid reacting * Focus on the bright spots Books Mentioned in this Podcast: As Trish mentioned in this podcast, what are you bringing to the table? Meaning, what are we learning and focusing on to move the conversation forward? Often when we're not focused on growth and instructional information it's easy to succumb to talking about people, gossip and conversations that are not aligned with your dreams and goals. Below is a list of the books mentioned in this podcast: * The Five Love Languages - Book or Audible * The Four Tendencies - Book or Audible * Personality Plus - Book or Audible * Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins - Book or Audible Feedback? Did you like this podcast? What did you learn? What suggestions do you have to help get along with your spouse, partner or family? Leave your comments below!
47 min
Brave New Weed
Brave New Weed
The Brave New Weed Podcast
Episode 92 - The Plant Powered Penis and Prostate
Authors and fitness professionals Bruce and Mindy Mylrea go deep about plants, penises, prostate cancer, and how to be married for decades and still have great sex.  Use code BRAVE20 for 20% Off & Free Shipping on any order at TryMicrodose.com. By now you all know that I’ve been having a tough time sleeping. The election, the burning planet, the Supreme Court, are all disrupting my sacred dream states. Thankfully, the fine people at Lumi Labs heard my plight and sent me a bottle of their new product, Microdose. It’s a proprietary “balanced spectrum blend of CBD, THC, CBG and I love it. Even my pillow loves it as we’ve been spending much more quality time together.  As listeners of this podcast you’re entitled to a 20% discount plus free shipping for as many orders as you place. Go to TryMicrodose.com and enter the Brave20 code. Pass the code along to anyone—the Lumi’s want everyone to rest assured. I’ve eaten a plant-based diet for most of my adult life but I never thought it could have a profound impact my penis or my prostate. My guests this week, Bruce and Mindy Mylrea, tell me otherwise. They are the authors of two books, The Plant Powered Approach to Prostate Cancer and The Plant Powered Penis (best title of the year) and this interview goes deep about the research backing up the claim. Bruce, a cancer survivor, also talks about the ways our favorite plant helped him grapple with the difficult side effects of chemotherapy, and how it helped him make the big life changes that keep him cancer free. The other amazing aspect of this interview? This couple have been married and monogamous for multitudes of decades and they still have sex. Great sex, they say, which they also attribute to the power of the plants. That’s reason enough to listen to this podcast and share it widely.
58 min
Dear Bob and Sue: A National Parks Podcast
Dear Bob and Sue: A National Parks Podcast
Matt and Karen Smith
18 Winter in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks
While visiting Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks in the winter can feel like stepping into a Christmas card photo, staying in a nearby Forest Service cabin with no electricity or indoor plumbing isn’t always so picture perfect. In this episode, we talk about many of our experiences in these two parks during the magical winter season, as well as the thrills and challenges of staying in rustic Forest Service cabins when the temperature dips well below freezing. Spoiler alert: walking through the snow to a pit toilet in the middle of the night with only a headlamp to scare away the bears is both a thrill and a challenge.  Some topics we discuss include: Matt’s latest obsession with organizing all of our travel gear Our experiences snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park during the winter How Karen’s desire to get into the holiday spirit created our new tradition of visiting national parks every December How to find and rent a Forest Service cabin What it was like staying in a Forest Service cabin near Yellowstone with no heat, electricity or indoor plumbing, in December What activities are available in Glacier National Park in the winter Spending a few days in a Forest Service cabin near Glacier National Park Our snowshoe experiences in and around Glacier Would we rent a Forest Service cabin in the winter again? And in our mail bag segment, we answer a question about whether we ever practiced shooting our expired bear spray, and if so, what did we learn. Links to more information: Click here to see photos from our winter trips to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks Recreation.gov listing for Big Creek Cabin Recreation.gov listing for Zips Place Cabin Where to learn more about our books and travels Join the conversation on Facebook - we want to hear from you! Check out our Instagram account Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
1 hr 18 min
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