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Propagate Ventures, scaling up agroforestry to every farm


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I had a long and very interesting conversation with Ethan, Jeremy and Harry, the co-founders of Propagate ventures. Our conversation ranged from chestnuts to crowdfunding and how to get more impact investors into the agroforestry space. As you will hear, we suffered from a bad internet connection which resulted in a lower sound quality. Sorry for that!

The reason to start Propagate:
For most farmers putting their money in tree-crops for a long term investment was too risky
Why is Propagate working with companies? They can bring purchasing power and with purchase agreements lower the risk of planting trees. Similar how Power Purchase Agreements have changed the solar industry and got large institutional investors onboard.

Example on how Propagate is working with a natural cosmetic company and their purchasing influence: Pre purchase agreements are key to allow to create some certainty for the farmers to put trees in the ground long term.

So what about retail investors? Propagate is very interested in retail investors but feels it is too early to start catering to them, despite the huge interest from consumers to invest.

Why are they so interested in them? “like corn which grow on a tree!”

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